RememberingQuilts' Shop Announcement Quilts
My Remembering Quilts Story on ABC-TV Above and Beyond Show:
aired on WABC TV on April 29th at 7 pm. I am soooo excited having the chance to share my story about my Remembering Quilts, Remembering Flags and Pillows.

I make Remembering Quilts, Pillows, Flags, Tote Bags and Fabric Panes for your own creations.

At RememberingQuilts, I provide assistance by sequencing personal photos in a series of collages to tell a unique story in lieu of individual pictures. Labeling the pictures within each collage or adding names, mementoes, or labels to place further emphasis on the story or purpose where needed is a part of a personal choice and the design service offered.


Each Collage of Pictures Tells a Story. Printed on Fabric Panels then Sewn into a Remembering QUILT, FLAG, PILLOW, TOTE BAG, or just the 8.5"x11" FABRIC PANEL, gives a special one-of-a-kind gift to:

... Honor the Memory of a Loved One with a Life of Pictures
... Stimulate the Memories of a Loved One having Dementia, especially Alzheimer's
... Stimulate the Memories of a Loved One Experiencing a Memory Loss
... Use as a Tool When Working With Veterans Suffering from PTSD & TBI
... Comfort Military Families during Deployment, Especially the Children
... Celebrate the Legacy of Someone Special
... Proclaim "This Is My Life"
... We love to see ourselves surrounded by our family, pets, friends
... Comfort the Sick, Ease the Loneliness
... Cherish the Love of our Children and Grandchildren

Custom photograph collages facilitate conversation about the remembering photos and named people, stimulating the memory and enhancing its effectiveness with a caregiver, even when family members are not present.

Photo Collage Fabric Panels:
Make your own Quilt, Pillow or Tote. I will create your Photo Collage Pictures on Pretreated Photo Fabric printed with Pigmented Ink.

Photo Collage Remembering Flags:
A Wonderful Way to use Cherished Photos and Text to Honor and Remember your Fallen Hero.

Photo Collage Pillows and Pillow Cases:
A Wonderful Way to use Cherished Photos and Text to Tell a Story

Photo Collage Tote Bags:
A Fun and Unique Gift, Personalized with Your Favorite Photos

Dog Bandanas personalized with Photos and Text