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A Boomer Downsizes

As a lifelong pack rat, born in the Fifties, my home looked like Ye Olde Curiosity Shoppe filled with a hodgepodge of decorative arts & knicknacks, while my closets, drawers and trinket boxes were overflowing with the vintage fashions, accessories and costume jewelry I had accumulated over the years. It was time to downsize and so I ventured online to find new homes for my old treasures. I offer my items at way below what they originally cost, or even what their current market value may be, so you are assured you are getting a great deal!. I am always willing to consider reasonable offers.

Recycling and repurposing is a core value in my life, to protect the environment, as well as to maintain the life of vintage treasures, many of which are made with a quality of materials and craftsmanship that is sadly missing in many contemporary items.

My artistic and creative projects are not yet for sale, but I am considering offering some of them here in my Etsy shop in the future.

Thanks for visiting Remtique on Etsy and do let me know if you need any assistance in my shop. I know how valuable personal customer service is.
I have been a collector of lovely things since I was a little girl which led to becoming a veritable pack rat! I offer these items from my personal collection at reduced cost to help me downsize. Your satisfaction is my #1 priority.