RenewalRetail's Shop Announcement

>>>>9% of Our Landfill Space is Occupied by Usable Goods & Clothing<<<<

We our a disposable nation: If the vacuum is clogged, throw it out, buy another. A Ralph Lauren Polo loses a button, into the dumpster it goes without a second thought.

At Renewal Retail we are committed to rewinding this statistic by offering high quality renewed items at a perfect price: the one YOU name! We believe in cleaning out clogged vacuums & resewing buttons - bringing quality items back into the marketplace and allowing the cycle of renewal to continue. Since our mission is to keep every item possible in the renewal cycle we offer unique return policy on any item just starting the renewal cycle. If you purchase one of our brand new renewable items & return it to us after it has reached its lifespan cycle with you (a minimum of 9 months) we will give you 25% OFF another BRAND NEW item in our store. Now, partners in the cycle of renewal, it becomes possible for retail consumption to bring environmental sustainability.

This is a Name Your Own Price "Shop To Go Green" Online Retail Experience! Who knew renewing the planet would start via the consumer marketplace? Well... to be honest, Renewal Retail. Welcome to the cycle of renewal!

*If FOR ANY REASON you can not donate, reassign or figure out what to do with a renewed item bought from us that has met its lifespan with you CONTACT US ASAP & we will make arrangements for its reclamation & renewal.*

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.