Repurposing's Shop Announcement

MAKE ME AN OFFER POLICY ** As much as I love the things in my shop, I don't want to keep them forever. If you see something you like - make me an offer on 'buying it now'. I have so much more to list but I can't do that as long as I already have a shop full. Multiple purchases are welcome!! ***

I've always liked old things and I have a hard time seeing items tossed aside / thrown away when I know they still have plenty of good life left in them!

The things I'm posting here may not have been 'saved' for their collectible value, but they have been saved for their historical and decorative value. There is something authentic about incorporating the old with the new.

I get a kick out of 'redeeming junk'. I consider it a rescue mission to keep things out of the landfill.

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