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The Janie Prescott Collection:

Antique Silver-Plated Spoons
Beautiful Found Images
Scraps of Love

I found Janie Prescott’s suitcase of secret love letters late one night. Janie and Martha were two women who fell in love in the 1940’s at a time when their love just couldn’t be. Martha would not forsake her family to be with Janie, but they wrote to each other back and forth for over sixty years. Their life together existed only on paper. I believe that these letters are physical pieces of love, objects imbued with energy. I have continued Martha and Janie’s bittersweet love story by incorporating small bits of their letters into my jewelry (my modern talismans) giving each necklace an air of sacred irreverence. By wearing one of these unique pieces you are carrying with you a fragment of love past but not forgotten; a bit of the connected, tangled thread that holds us all together as human beings.