ResignHair's Shop Announcement

Welcome to Resign Hair Accessories. Thank you for stopping by. I love hair accessories. I am always looking for something unique, yet professional. Unfortunately, much of what is available on the commercial market does not meet these criteria. Most accessories are too junior for a mature professional and others are for up-dos and special occasions. Generally, not options for wearing to the office. Of course, there is always the black elastic band, but let's be honest that's really just necessity- not an accessory.

So it was this love of hair accessories and my passion for vintage finds that produced the Resign Hair Ties. All of my ponytail holders are hand cut, knotted and trimmed. The ends of all my hair ties are heat sealed to prevent fraying. The Resign Hair Tie is then embellished with exquisite vintage buttons, handpicked by me. And then of course there is my signature - gold thread. The designs and colors vary from casual, beachy and fresh to deep, mysterious and sexy (well, as sexy as a button can be). I hope you find a "resigner" tie or two that makes you smile.