Magnets, Magnets, Everywhere (and other fabulous finds)

Orange and gold flower magnet
Bright yellow and orange flower magnet
Lime green flower magnet
Yellow flower magnet with hand painted flowers
Turquoise and green flower magnet

RetroMagnetism...since 2000


In 2000, I got this not-so-crazy idea...
Fabulous pins and brooches leftover from the 1950s and 60s
Dug up from old jewelry boxes around the world
renewed, revived, re-loved and now...
magnetized with industrial strength,
Neodymium, rare earth magnets
for your refrigerator or re-gifting.

I'm the epitome of a minimalist, so Etsy, eBay and Craigslist are required addictions by simple virtue of the fact that I dwell in an eight by ten foot in-law apartment.

To illustrate the (lack of) space I'm working with here;
Equate it with a rug or locker or parking get the idea.

And it is. My little spot. Shop 'till you drop and check back often because the things; they are a-changin.

Lisa Coopersmith
owner, maker, designer, curator