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My eldest granddaughter is the beautiful model for my Etsy shop.
Nature and children never cease to inspire me .... More photos to come!
Kali May always has a smile for her brother ...
My grandson, Zander, loves being a knight ; even during the day!
Sofie just celebrated her 7th birthday with Fairy face-painting (and a sticker on her nose!), books, crafts and dancing!

Who says recycling can't be creative?

Ask any of my family or friends and they will tell you I have always had a need to be doing something creative and fashion related. My Etsy shop is an outgrowth of that love; and over the years, I have worked with photography, jewelry, clothing, accessories and, most recently, I've focused on shoes.

To me, the art and craft of shoe-making is fascinating, but I've have never had the time nor opportunity to be educated in the actual making of a pair of shoes. However, over the years, I found that I had a knack at finding high-quality, well-designed and well-made shoes that were gently used and turning those shoes/boot/sandals into something quite unique by painting and/or embellishing them with my own hand-made decorations or jewelry treatments.

I have a great deal of appreciation and respect for the great shoe designer so my intention in upcycling or updating a good-looking pair of shoes or boots has always been to keep intact the essence of the original design. I also love to have fun with the colors and "trappings" of the footwear I work on and I hope that comes through in my designs as well.

Vintage shoes have always been favorites of mine; but I have a hard time finding those that are still in good condition and wearable. When I do, I love having vintage alongside my embellished beauties!

Finally, I take great satisfaction in the fact that 90% of my creative supplies are purchased through Etsy shops and I have gotten to be friends with several shop owners and customers. I love that I can be with my children and grandchildren and have a flexible Etsy schedule. This is the best way to have a business!
Four of my grandchildren who inspire me constantly!
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After spending many years in Beverly Hills, California, in a top hair salon, I "retired" to raise my children; and now, my grandchildren! My years in the hair business gave me an appreciation for fashion trends and classics. I love creative work!

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