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Retrofit is a vintage, retro, antique, designer, upcycled and preowned jewelry and home goods boutique. All the items in retrofit were carefully hand picked by me at estate sales, auctions, flea markets, garage and yard sales and thrift stores in the Philadelphia metropolitan area. I especially like to purchase from worthy charities such as the Salvation Army and Philadelphia's "Thrift For Aids" where all proceeds go to Aids research and all the staff are volunteers. That store is a generally a little higher priced than other thrift stores but the quality of the donations are higher and the cause is important.

All items in Retrofit were previously owned, loved and probably worn and/or used and as such, may or may not have signs of previous use. I do my best to describe the items accurately and to point out the exact condition of every item but on occasion, I may miss something. This is certainly not intentional. I also do my best to research every item I list to try to determine the date the item was manufactured. At times this can be a little difficult, especially with unsigned jewelry that may have been created to look antique or vintage. Once again, if I mistakenly list something from a time period to which it does not belong, it is certainly not intentional. In such cases, if noticed, I would appreciate it being pointed out to me so I can change the time period or remove the listing entirely if the item is not actually vintage.

In the near future, I plan on listing so called "upcycled" items that I create myself. I have acquired a batch of small mirrors and picture frames and plan on creating jeweled frames with old mismatched and broken jewelry parts, in addition to offering my own artwork in the form of paintings, drawings and etchings.

The prices listed on Retrofit items are based on the price I paid for the item, the price the same or similar items are listed for elsewhere, in addition to my time and gas spent in searching for and shopping for the items and my costs for the clean boxes and packaging materials to safely ship the items to you. I do not jack up the price of the postage for additional profit. At times, I may overestimate shipping costs in which event I will issue a shipping overage refund, but trust me on this, most errors in shipping estimates I quote benefit the customer and not me.

Thanks for visiting my shop, hope you find something that tickles your fancy!

IMPORTANT: Please use ETSY MESSAGING for any/all communication (not e-mails which tend to get lost amid the SPAM), I check my Etsy messages several times a day and will respond quickly.

Please contact me before checkout and inform me of the number of items you have selected and I will activate the correct discount coupon code for you. At checkout, please use the correct coupon codes based on the number of items you have selected:

If you purchase 2-3 Items: You get 10% off the combined purchase price:
Coupon Code: 10PERCENTOFF2TO3
If you purchase 4-6 items: You get 15% off the combined purchase price:
Coupon Code: 15PERCENTOFF4TO6
If you purchase 7-10 items: You get 20% off the combined purchase price:
Coupon Code: 20PERCENTOFF7TO10
If you purchase 11-15 items: You get 25% off the combined purchase price:
Coupon Code: 25PERCENTOFF11TO15

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.