Cutting at the 10 foot table while designing in my head.
Serging together a sweater coat.
Quality control.
Hand sewing ensures excellence.
Worktable after completing a garment or two.

REVAMP ~ Innovative Recycled Clothing

I began sewing at age 10. Whereas other children were frustrated with the process and often gave up, I became enthralled with sewing and saw a lot of possibilities. I started out making clothes for Barbie and moved on to sewing my own clothing.

My professional sewing includes the following experiences: alterations, bridal sewing, sample-making for fashion designers, designing and sewing motorcycle luggage, dressmaking, owning and operating a sewing workroom for home interior items, slipcovers, traditional and art quilting, pattern-making, fashion design and art to wear, fabric collage, and currently reconstructing garments out of cast-off clothing.

All aspects of sewing have been interesting and challenging. I love to design and figure out construction. I am finally to the point in my life where I am sewing and creating only what I want to make, rather than having to fill orders from other people. Having this freedom allows me to create in a way that fully expresses my training and creativity. I absolutely love what I am doing, and this joy is reflected in my work. I have a high standard of excellence and hold my customers in the highest esteem.
Deborah Stone-Richard
Owner, Clothing Designer, Head Seamstress, Marketing Director, Supply Officer.
Born to sew.

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