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Announcement   Hello everyone!!! We are currently in the process of getting items ready for sale again, we will not be doing custom orders just yet, please bear with us as get up and running!!


Last updated on May 25, 2017

Hello everyone!!! We are currently in the process of getting items ready for sale again, we will not be doing custom orders just yet, please bear with us as get up and running!!

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Sharee Jandreau

Sharee Jandreau on May 14, 2016

1 out of 5 stars

Never received the boots. My 1st contact with the seller I was told the boots sold at a store and they were waiting for new boots to design. 3 more weeks passed with nothing and an attempt to contact her with no answer. I opened a case with Etsy and the seller messaged that they were delayed but would get the boots out soon. Another couple of weeks went by and I messaged her again about the progress of the boots and no reply. However, just yesterday I received a refund which I'm thankful for. Items should only be listed in 1 place(a store or online). I'm extremely disappointed as I was really looking fwd to these boots and they were a splurge to myself. I won't buy anything from this seller again as she has been making new items and listing them on facebook but is not fulfilling items that need to be "custom ordered".


moulvalerie on Apr 25, 2016

4 out of 5 stars

They were darker then i expected but still nice and comfy


tbur824 on Apr 20, 2016

5 out of 5 stars

Gorgeous boots and they fit perfectly! Slight delay in shipping but Joy was very responsive and got them right out to me. Love that I get to wear such a beautiful representation of home. Thank you!

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Lakota and Apache from Pine Ridge South Dakota

Rez Hoofz is an independently owned business, specializing in painted contemporary and custom made Native American design work. The conception of Rez Hoofz started in 1989, when artist Joy Lynn Parton (Oglala Lakota/Ft. Sill Apache) received her artistic vision to put fourth painted dolls of the Lakota persuasion. The dream as she would interpret it, coincided with a traditional lakota story as old as time. In coming, the tale of the "No Face Woman."
For generations, the Lakota elders would sit and tell the story of the woman with "no face" to their children. The story as passed down, would remember a beautiful woman who was unable to get passed her own appearance of good looks. The woman could be found day after day, looking at her own reflection in a neighboring river that ran along side the camp. Each day, year after year, as she grew more beautiful she would taunt and tease those whom she felt were less attractive, with how gorgeous she was. One day, as she was sitting by the riverside, a spirit appeared to this beautiful woman and warned her that vanity had no place in the camp circle. He told her, if you continue to sit here and admire yourself in the reflection of the water, instead of being a good relative and helping those in the camp circle, the spirits will take what you value the most. The beautiful woman paid no attention to what the spirits told her and continued to taunt and tease the others and returned to her daily ritual of sitting by the riverside admiring her great beauty. This angered the spirits who had warned her, so they appeared to her once again and said, we told you that if you did not listen, we would take what you valued most, so from this day forward you will walk in this world with no face and be a keeper of the children. As promised, the spirits took her face. She was no longer the most beautiful woman in camp and she became humbled. The once beautiful woman grew very angry, alone and with no beauty to boast, she found herself weary until one day, a child in the camp approached her and asked, why do you not have a face? The woman told the child, it is because I did not listen and because I had a mean heart to those who had less then me. The child then told the woman, you have a lot to teach us. It was then, that the woman decided it was time to forget her once beautiful face and dedicate herself in teaching the children the value of having a good heart and being a good relative.
The moral of the story is to let your inner beauty shape the change you want to be for yourself and those in the world. This is the vision behind Rez Hoofs. The mission being, through creative expressionism we can all have the inner beauty we seek. One that matches the inside of who we are, on the outside.

Expressing my self through wearable art inspired by native culture.

All Sales are Final there are no refunds or returns. Every boot is custom made and hand painted. Please Include your style number or style name, size you desire, your email address and where you would like the boots to be shipped. Turn around time is between 5-7 days. We must receive full payment via our Pay pal account before proceeding with your order.
Frequently asked questions : Please feel free to ask so i can add more answers THANK YOU
1.How do i order?
(A) go to my online shop at
if your size is Not there I can do custon orders.
Message me threw ETSY or Face Book.
2. How long do custom orders take ?
(A) depending on how many order i have before yours could ne 3 to 6 weeks.
3. Is your paint water proof?
Yes the paint is water proof.
4.Where are you from?
we are from Pine Ridge south Dakota .
5. will you sip to Canada ?
Yes we will ship to Canada . the cost to ship to Canada is high and takes a wile to get there but we will ship.
6. will you ship to Germany (over Seas)?
(A) yes we will ship any place you so desire.
7.Why is it that when i go to one of your etsy listings i get a "OOPS" message??
(A) If you get the oops message that means that item SOLD.
8.Will you be making this purse again?
(A) i do make some purses more then once as long as i can still get them it in stock. all our products are HAND PAINTED and will NEVER be Exactly the same.
9.DO you have Layaway? or can I make payments?
(A) No sorry we don't have Layaway a way and we do not have a payment plan. we are s small business and we reinvest every thing we make back in to the company .
10.Can you hold this for me tell next pay day ?
(A) sorry we would like to but more often then not we hold something then they never come get it. sorry
11. Do you set up at Pow wows
(A) sorry we don't travel . or set up at pow wows
12.can we come to the shop and shop
(A) Yes you can stop in . we operate out if my cousins basement in Pine Ridge it is our work shop .
13.How do you take payment? Checks, money orders, etc.
(A) we only take pay pal. threw our online shop. ( you can use your debit card or credit cart threr)


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