RiaFineArts' Shop Announcement

Thank you for visiting Ria's Fine Art store! This shop carries both original work and prints, with 2 sizes available for nearly all prints. Most of Ria's work is done with Prismacolor colored pencils on bristol board. She uses these to add minute detail, and combines that detail with colorful background washes--in effort to create a mood, rather than a specific setting. She often focuses in on a single subject – a single figure frozen in a moment of time. View her blog at

Ria Spencer is assisted in the maintenance of this shop by her extended family.
* Doug Hathaway, her father, posts much of the artwork and handles the shipping and customer interactions, as well as billing.
*Jacob Hathaway, her brother, deals with many of the technical sides of the shop such as SEO and such. He also posts many of the items.
*Mark Spencer, Her husband, takes all the great photos of her art that we post here.
* So, what does Ria do? Well, all we want her doing is creating all the new art we can get :-) Oh yea, she also is raising two great little daughters.