RianAnderson's Shop Announcement

Note to customers:
Due to new EU VAT laws, I am no longer using the automatic pdf download facility. This will mean that there will be a short delay in getting your pattern – I will send you an email with a downloadable pdf file, as soon as I get your payment notification message (I check often during the day, but I am in Australia, so I may not get it immediately if you are awake when I'm asleep!). Please ensure that your paypal e-mail address is the same as the one you want your pattern sent to.
The advantage of this is that my prices can stay the same, instead of rising by about 20%.

This is a shop full of knitting patterns.
All a bit different from the run-of-the-mill knits – funky scarves, toys, quirky tea cosies, baby and children's gear and more.
If you buy 7 of my patterns you get one more, of your choice, free. Keep a tally and contact me once you reach the magic number!
Please don’t copy my patterns and give them to all your friends, as this is a breach of copyright. However, I'm happy for you to sell anything you make from any of my patterns (as long as you don’t go into commercial production on a grand scale) – a mention of my name as designer is always nice too : )