RiesingsRockers' Shop Announcement

Hi. Welcome to Riesing's Rockers. ***** INSTALLMENTS GLADLY ARRANGED*****

I've been creating these pieces for some time now but have never found the right venue with which to share my efforts. Until now. It's great to be a part of a community which celebrates handcrafted creativity.

My menagerie is rather full of horses at this time. While you'll see a deer, mule and a mountain goat, and I have in the past created several moose (adult and adolescent), a zebra colt, a wolf, and a bear (with hiker running away), there are mostly horses. So many different types and specialties.

Though these pieces require, from concept through design to completion, many months work, I'll be adding more as they come along. So check back from time to time.
Meanwhile, I hope you'll see something that brings a smile.

Commissions are welcomed as well. If you have an idea for something you don't see, simply contact me and lets talk.

I realize many of my animals are priced quite dearly, that is merely a reflection of the work required and not my ego. If you see something you would really like, please contact me. Installments can surely be arranged. I'm interested in sharing my work with people, not self-aggrandizment. Thanks.