RighteousRebelz's Shop Announcement

Here at Righteous Rebelz we seek out ways that we can be a blessing in the lives of those less fortunate, who are in great need, and are in need of rescuing. We have created a wonderful opportunity for every one of our customers to take part in helping these needs mentioned and in changing the world, all starting with just one person doing one small act of kindness... this is all it takes to make a difference, and that is what we here at Righteous Rebelz believe in. With the permissions of some amazing organizations, we are asking each one of our customers to choose from one that they would like a portion of their purchase price to be donated to. You may include your choice in a message during your checkout process or by sending us a message after. If you have any questions or would like to be certain that the donations are going to these organizations, you can e-mail them with your inquiries. The organizations are listed below so you can see what they are all about and which one you decide to choose. We will be adding others to our list once we have received confirmation from and the permissions necessary. Some organizations we would like to support and make part of our options are listed as well, and will be given percentages combined from our customers orders who choose that particular one for support/donations.Their contact information can be found on their website. If you have a favorite organization you would like your percentage to go to or be added to our list let us know. The amount of your donation will be 10% of your purchase price and every penny counts and will help us in this goal of helping those in need! With the growth of Righteous Rebelz will come the growth of percentages as well =D


~(message us with one of your favorite organizations you would like to give your percentage to or be added to our list of organizations we can aid in our support efforts)

~ Love 146

~Cure International

~ Live Action

~ Compassion International

~ St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

~ Stop Sam

~ Animal Rescue League

~ The Humane Society Of The United States


We welcome custom orders as well! Righteous Rebelz art is now available on Etsy! Keep checking back for all our new items added! Below is a wonderful search engine that donates money to your favorite charity every time you use their search engine and/or shop online! The second link is to the Greater Good Network that offers FREE fast and simple ways to help. What awesome concepts to get involved!
Check it out!

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