RigidDesign's Shop Announcement

At Rigid|Design our Jewelry is simple, timeless, and at the same time recognizable in a crowd of other styles. Why? Our pieces aren't designed by a contracted engineer, a hired staff member, or any other type of designer, they're designed by our company's President. What this means is, Rigid|Design is not a jewelry brand like all the others, making replicas of all the other Jewelry, instead it's a design company, who's own president is the designer. This isn't something we got into because it looked profitable, it's something we've simply always been. It's similar to an artist painting for profit, mimicing what he or she thinks will sell as opposed to an artist painting for their own enjoyment and from the heart. We've been obsessed with design our whole lives and that's what led us to this business, that's what sets us apart from the others who merely got into this business for other reasons.