Riksride's Shop Announcement

I have an eye for goodies, honed from a childhood spent rooting around in my grandparents attic (I still dream about it!).

To save myself from hoarder status, I offer a revolving plethora of items from my collections and scavengings for sale. Vintage books( childrens, cookbooks, gardening, archeology, antiquities catalogs, travel brochures); clothes; shoes; kitchen tools; jewelry; purses; scarves; china and toys.

I love yard sales, thrift shops and estate sales which require hunting to find the goodies. I have a weakness for anything from Europe; gargoyles and grotesques from the Victorian era; vintage childrens books with fabulous illustration; early signet paperbacks with those cool covers; basket purses; quality purses from the fifties; old frames with decorative relief or old paint; Wedgewood bone china; Limoges!; handmade lace and old embroidered linen.. o and vintage cookbooks!!

I am constantly finding new/ old items to hone in on. So visit my shop often to share in my discoveries.