RobinRife's Shop Announcement

My Ethnic Beaded Line of jewelry is crafted from pieces I’ve collected on my travels, as well as buying from international traders over the last 15 years. Africa, Asia, southwestern North America are my primary influences. I integrate all of these unique and quality materials into jewelry that I consider a “contemporary classic” style which I hope will continue to be worn for generations to come not only due to its durability as far as being well constructed, but also in the sense of its wearability in that it will never go out of fashion given the timeless nature of the design.

My found object/reconstructed Tribal Line of jewelry is created by a process I call “cannibalizing” or a better term might be recycling. I collect old tribal jewelry when I travel. Broken and discarded pieces, things sometimes meant to be melted down. I salvage the quality pieces and reconfigure them into more modern and wearable designs.