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RocknDesigns is taking a short break.

I would like to apologize for the short time my shop will be down. I will return to my Etsy shop as soon as possible. I will be exhibiting my jewelry at the Bead and Design Show at the Pasadena Hilton Thur-Sun.

I will return to my shop on Monday.

I hope you return

Thank you
Robert Lopez
Rockn Designs

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RocknDesigns' Shop Announcement

~Hand crafted, one-of-a-kind artisan jewelry. I design my jewelry as miniature art pieces. Hundreds of hand cut stones set in Argentium ® Sterling Silver.


~My hand crafted one-of-a-kind jewelry is all made by myself, in my studio at home. I try to design my pieces to stand out from everything else out there, as should you. This is something that I think today's mass-produced market is lacking. I think that you will receive compliments each and every time you wear your jewelry and hope that it will become one of your favorites-an heirloom you will want to pass on.

~I personally fabricate everything in my jewelry. From sometimes rolling my own sheet silver from ingots I pour myself to cutting, sawing, filing, hammering, and grinding all of my metals and stones. Some of the stones I use I have collected myself right out of the earth. I never use dyed, treated, or manmade stones. I also never use components made by someone else to assemble my jewelry. My pieces are completely one-of-a-kind and completely made be me. Well, me, mother nature, and God. I think that is something rare these days and I take great pride in saying that.


~Most of my pieces are designed with lots of texture, and layering; giving my pieces a very distressed look. This is done for two reasons: one being the bold and distinctive look that it gives, and two it's much easier to take care of. The textures and layering will hide any minor damage done to the metals throughout the years.


~Some of the materials that I like to use in my art are traditional sterling silver, Argentium sterling silver (highly tarnish resistant silver), copper, gold, various precious and semi-precious stones, pearls, wood, feathers, and other interesting materials that will complement my unique jewelry.

~I personally design, cut, and polish all of my own stones and metals myself. My stones are cut in many common shapes as well as designer and freeform shapes.

~Argentium ® silver is a modern silver alloy which modifies the traditional sterling silver (92.5% silver + 7.5% copper) by replacing some of the copper with germanium. Argentium ® still retains it's 92.5% silver content and is still referred to as sterling. The main benefit of Argentium ® is that it is highly tarnish resistant which means far less polishing. Through precipitation hardening it can be made harder than traditional sterling which in turn means it will resist damage due to wear and tear. It is also said that it is whiter and brighter than traditional sterling. Also, it can be easily fused to itself which means less solder joints.

Argentium ® Silver is patented and trademarked by Argentium ® Silver Company, UK.


~Thank you again for visiting my shop and check back soon for new pieces.