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Announcement    Here at Origami Place, gift arts by Lisa B. Corfman!
Find the perfect origami gem(s) for you or loved ones.

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Here at Origami Place, gift arts by Lisa B. Corfman!
Find the perfect origami gem(s) for you or loved ones.

Browse the wide array of origami arts & crafts, origami jewelry, origami models, supplies & publications and more categories!

To get started, simply click on the style tab and choose the option that appeals to you.

Services are available upon request! We welcome commissions. See our shopping options including arts education. Inquire about showcasing arts and see our information. Inquires and consultations welcome!


Lisa Corfman

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Lisa Corfman


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  • Brianna on Jun 2, 2016

    5 out of 5 stars

    I had Lisa make a crane of remembrance as a celebration for a miscarriage we had. It was exactly what I had imagined and the thoughtful note from her was an extra bonus.

About OrigamiPlaceByLisa

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Our History Story

From a little girl to present, art fills me with joy. Growing up, the tender care of family and friends inspired me to study the visual arts. So, I attended art school where I discovered my passion of origami and received my BFA, class of 2004. Upon graduating, a domino of experiences directed me on my path, supporting my ambitions as I established professional portfolio content. Then, in 2011, I weeded through everything, created a business structure and so I could happily share my goods or ‘rocks’. In 2014, with that knowledge, built my website and success budded. In 2019, I found my place, Origami Place!

Grounding Introduction
At Origami Place, we make, sell, teach and showcase origami arts. One of the goals of the Origami Place, formerly Rocky Arts Unfolded, is to enable the struggling artist to have a secure “Rock” of achievement to build a sturdy foundation. Here, we strive to help you find your creative “Place” to create. With your core or rock that is made in your creative place, your willpower enables you to weather life’s storms through the challenges that come from entrepreneurship among other obstacles. Part of this philosophy is the discovery of items and ideas that shape one’s own ways, be it experiences, products or items of value. This sturdy rock may have been shaped into something rough or smooth, it may display grays, blacks, whites, or a broad array of vibrant colors. But, no matter what, each person’s rock is their core, a unique place of hope and achievement.

1) Childhood (birth-1999):
My name is Lisa B. Corfman, and like everyone, I too have a rock, but it was a rocky process. Art helped me overcome obstacles. One of my earliest memories was asking my mother when she knew I was an artist. So, as far as I can remember, I have always considered myself an artist. In elementary school, a teacher told me about the “I Can Do It’ contest. I made a cubic crayon artwork, featuring learning geared items including my report card, crayons and other things. The report card in the artwork displayed mainly S’s for satisfactory, but also an O for outstanding in art class. I was among the winners and the artwork was published! It sixth grade, my teacher Peter Hildebrand led the month-long game, “Fine Arts at the Beach,” so I began learning about art masters. The list goes on, but I kept learning, creating and teaching, and so I matriculated to Endicott College where I studied to get my Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts.

2) Endicott beginnings (1999-2004):
My studies at Endicott College were fundamental in my cultivation roots with Professors Tali Silver, Barbara Burgess-Maier, Pauline Woodward, Dean Mark Towner and Endicott College’s annual Endicott Day. All inspired Origami Place to become what it is today.

First, Professor Silver introduced me to the concept of a physical rock made into art as an item of inspiration. Next, Professor Burgess-Maier encouraged me to find a specific focus, which resulted in my first line of products – charcoal drawings featuring origami models. For the following six years, I produced twelve new charcoal drawings featuring origami each year, and new art projects continue to result. Then, I took a writing class with Professor Woodward, an inspiring and kind mentor. She inquired about my spring break activities and heard that I led a windchime making class at the Science Discover Museum, where I worked from 11th grade through my undergraduate years. Professor Woodward then purchased a windchime, and it became my first sale. It was an honor! Dean Towner inspired me to explore the idea of a museum with an art subject that I am passionate about, which would require me to exhibit and present my works to the public. His mentorship and encouragement provided beneficial skills that I would later apply to the Origami Place and the domino effect leading up to that. However, perhaps the greatest influence of all came from my participation in Endicott College’s annual Endicott Day. I, then, understood the meaning behind the crane, a magical symbol of peace and healing, so important to me as an emerging artist.

There also was a moment of hardship in college, but the origami crane pulled me through that period and the origami crane’s elegance and beauty inspired me to make origami the focus of the Origami Place. Upon graduation, I entered the harsh world with a breadth of knowledge from the many positive influences from educators and organized events that I was exposed to during that time.

3) Domino Effect (2004-2011):
A college friend named Aaron and Dean Towner (my Advisor) made connections that started a domino effect for me. Before then, I worked in various settings that helped me grow including museums, caretaking settings, a restaurant, a graphic design setting and a religious setting. In dominoes, one tile is tapped and if you are lucky, the rest follow – likewise, our origami story was guided by events and small actions; they were the tiles falling ever so carefully, hence, the path began.

Beginning to tap the first domino, Aaron highly encouraged me to pursue disability camp work with Easter Seals camps; I did, and I had two spectacular summers at Easter Seals Camp Hemlocks in Connecticut. That hit the second domino – I found a live-in position as a home health aide with, so I was in a comfortable position to pursue my ambitions. Then, Towner encouraged me to apply for VSA Arts’ national “Driving Force” contest, and the speed of the dominoes picked up. The contest organizers informed me of VSA Mass’ Boston office (for artists with challenges) and their “Putting Creativity to Work” conference, which I attended. Next, I learned of career scholarships through Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission (MRC), so I sought out an MRC counselor. MRC connected me with Gateway Arts, yet another domino, and there I gained significant art marketing training. The domino effect continued as my MRC counselor referred me to the Entrepreneur Club where I learned business skills, taught and made sales. At that time my college friend Mary put efforts in to start a production business which complimented my learning from the Entrepreneurs’ Club meetings. MRC also referred me to the valuable contact, Lisa Weber, the Program Coordinator for Artists Beyond Challenges (ABC) under MRC’s Consumer Involvement Program.

Much positive energy came as the dominoes fell. In my career pursuits, I consigned for the first time ever and it was at an arts gallery, the Gateway Arts store! Attending there, I created art pieces including a 3D sculpture called the “Golden Crane Display.” Shortly afterwards, I attended my first ABC government meeting for artists with challenges. So much beautiful energy resulted, and I found a home as Chairperson of ABC for five years. I organized two exbibits, facilitated and ran nine open studios and designed four wall calendars of members’ art with a print-count of 3,000 copies each year. That calendar sprouted from one I made of my own artwork. Family members, Debbie and Lloyd supported my vision of running open studios events for ABC and even offered their accessible work space, which the board was delighted to accept. Those are highlights of my accomplishments inspired by the community around me.

In all, positive results form from inspirational connections. As Emeka Nwokeji (MRC director) wrote, “Lisa is the magnet,” hence, I am pleased to have brought people together, and it is an honor to be part of this society. Truthfully, I put in a lot of myself, but I had assistance, financially and beyond, from a family in lieu of room and board, retail employment, ABC involvement, additional sales outlets including art fairs, retail locations and exhibitions and of course from my awesome family. Kudos to all!

4) Securing our ‘Rock’ and preparing to move forward (2011-2014):
I cannot deny, starting a business is rocky, but as a determined individual I pushed very hard and soon found a means to secure my passion as a meaningful career, or so I envisioned. In 2011, I began to understand the process of providing to others and to myself through my offerings. This meant moving to New York, gaining some graduate level education and diving through thousands of files on my computer to gain a clear vision of my art business. I studied business and marketing, I wrote four business/marketing plans, including a very helpful service marketing plan detailing my absence of a web presence and what needs to be done to fix that. Also, I interned at a gallery as Marketing Manager, all of that in the process of attaining my Advanced Certificate in Marketing in New York. In 2014, I returned to Massachusetts with a power to overcome.

5) Finding my Origami Place (2014-Present):
Back home, I began working to stand tall by starting the website design research process. An origami programmer sat down with me and coached me through the beginning stages, and my cousin Dan introduced me to the HTML coding world, through the website CodeAcademy.com. I took an online class called “Designing Web Pages,” and by December 1, 2014, I built a website I am proud to call my own.

With a concrete website, the winds began to shift towards success. I began again with installation work, exhibiting, art fairs, wholesaling to stores more widely, teaching origami arts to all ages and more endeavors. Then, in 2019, I realized I really could form an “Origami Place!” With iconic logo, I am featured taking flight upon an elegant crane.

Now, all these influences, taken together, led and gave rise to the Origami Place of today. I credit all the people who have influenced me and helped me to make my vision a reality. I give my thanks. I am proud to blossom, fly and become inspired as I hope others will by discovering paperfolding, materials galore!

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    Founder of Origami Place, Lisa B. Corfman makes, sells, teaches and showcases origami arts, hoping to bring joy to all and for everyone to find ways to grow, achieve and enjoy our origami goods and services.

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