RoganJosh's Shop Announcement


** All paid orders have been shipped as of 5/15. If you don't receive your order soon, let me know.

IF YOU ORDERED X-MEN SEPIA and got a NON-Sepia edition, I'm extremely sorry about the mix-up. I will gladly exchange it for the one you ordered. Same goes for WONDER WOMAN with the LASSO.

Thanks in advance for your patience!


Thanks to everyone who's visited, emailed, blogged, tweeted, raved and in one way or another, lent their support to this project!

I will continue to host a gallery at, and remain active on the facebook group ( Feel free to contact me through Etsy if you'd like to get on a list for any future print runs.

No, I'm not getting served with a legal reprimand. ;) I just need to recalibrate and plan my next move, as I never had the intention of running a print shop, and if orders keep coming in, I'll never get back to drawing!

This whole thing started very small last November, with the idea that I'd make some posters for friends as holiday presents. I put 12 posters on Etsy and posted to a couple forums to let it percolate and see what people thought.

The response has always been great, and I'm incredibly grateful for all the high-fives I got from fans since day one. The influx of orders and buzz since last week has been overwhelming, and I'm hitting pause so I can celebrate appropriately. :)
(and make a bazillion prints)


modhero [at] yahoo [dot] com