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Last updated on Jun 22, 2018

Sales tax is now calculated on all orders regardless of location to prepare for the new sales tax laws. Thanks!

Rogue Cocoa

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Rogue Cocoa


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Caffeinated Hot/Iced Cocoa

If you have't tried Rogue Cocoa you're missing out. Caffeinated chocolate mix with only 20 calories, 1 gram of sugar, and 100 mg of caffeine. Make delicious hot chocolate, or satisfying iced cocoa any time of year.

Products are sold exclusively online and cannot be found in stores. We're happy to be a unique product.

Shop members

  • Emma

    Owner, Curator

    Emma works hard at multiple jobs, but loves showing other shops some love on Instagram. She's a good sport about getting her picture taken for Rogue Cocoa. Her favorite mix is iced Rogue Cocoa with peanut butter.

  • Dallin

    Owner, Shipper

    Dallin works from home and is married to Emma, lucky for him. He enjoys traveling to places he's already traveled. His favorite mix is Rogue Cocoa with Pero, to give it a more bitter flavor.

  • Jack

    Owner, Marketer

    Jack is in law school. Which require ample amounts of Rogue Cocoa to study for. He's the adventurous one and would love nothing more than to explore somewhere Indiana Jones style. His favorite mix is a double shot Rogue Cocoa.

Production partners

  • Mixers Shop

    Saint George, UT

    Help mix ingredients.

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Last updated on Jun 22, 2018
Frequently asked questions
Does Rogue Cocoa contain coffee?

Rogue Cocoa is 100% caffeinated hot chocolate. There is NO COFFEE or TEA in Rogue Cocoa. If you would drink a diet soda then you would drink Rogue Cocoa.

What are the ingredients in Rogue Cocoa?

We keep Rogue Cocoa simple, with only 4 ingredients:

Caffeine Anhydrous (powder)
Sucralose (sweetener)

While other hot chocolate brands are filled with emulsifiers, fillers, or additional ingredients, Rogue Cocoa gives you only the best, most simple hot chocolate mix.

Rogue Cocoa only has 20 calories and 1 gram of sugar per serving.

Wholesale availability

Rogue Cocoa is available for wholesale. Visit for pricing and info.

What am I getting when I order?

A single pack of caffeinated hot chocolate comes with 30 servings. You choose between Original Chocolate or Tropical Coconut. Each order ships within 1-2 days (except holidays) via USPS.

What happened to the $14.99 flat price?

The government happened. The Supreme Court recently ruled that all online sales are subject to sales tax in every state. Formerly we only had to collect taxes from the state we reside in. Now we may be required to collect taxes for all 50 beautiful states. We're still trying to give you a good deal, make money and not let it put us out of business, but the flat $14.99 is a thing of the past at this point as we collect taxes from every state. We'd apologize, but there's nothing we can do.