RosedaleSwingCompany's Shop Announcement

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Our favourite quote:
We do not stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing~ George Bernard Shaw

What we do:
We build handcrafted bespoke swings: INDIVIDUALLY. No two swings are ever identical. Rosedale Swing Company swings are personalized and customized to our customer’s specifications or can be purchased in our standard size seats and standard length ropes. We also offer personalize engraving on the cedar seats. Any quote, text or image will be engraved on the swing seat’s sides or surface. Our logo is branded into the underside of the swing seat.
We build our swings in four sizes each with a name specifically chosen to reflect the location of our Rosedale Swing Company shop: Eagle, River, Otter and Orca.
Additional products: Cedar filled sachets, installation/extension ropes & accessories, and wood refinishing kits.

We are located on the South West coast of British Columbia in the lower Fraser River Valley area. Right up close to the Rocky Mountains covered over with Western Red Cedar and might Fir trees.

Why: Why Swings?
A Rosedale Swing Company swing is much more than a beautiful piece of décor, it sparks a carefree pastime, creates a refreshing place for introspective thoughts, and a place to contemplate the environment and life. A vigorous swing rides exercises and stimulates the body and mind. A swing also encourages immediate interaction and conversation with those around us whether swinging together or lending an arm to push one another. A swing gets us outside into the natural world. A swing is a place to live, laugh and love! Our mission is to share this special place with others around the world. Who doesn’t like to swing?

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.