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Eco resin jewelry, bangles and rings in a rainbow of colours featuring metallic leaf flakes as well as beautifully preserved natural and cruelty-free parrot feathers, shells, leaves and more.

We create all our moulds by hand, use high quality materials, and sand these pieces to perfection! The result? An everlasting piece of wearable artwork.

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*Please note we only have rings available in the listings. At this time we aren't able to custom make a specific shape in your size*

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*Caring for Rosella eco resin jewellery*

* Resin is more fragile than metal rings - its consistency is similar to ceramic or shell. If enough direct force is applied, it could break. We recommend removing jewellery before manual labour (such as gardening).
* If the surface is scratched, it cannot be repolished to a shine. Remove before using abrasive scrubs. When not wearing, store in a soft bag or box.
* Keep away from chemicals and alcohol-based products including perfume and nail polish remover.
* The surface of resin may be slightly porous. For this reason, we recommend removing before working with mud, dirt or ceramics that could be absorbed.
* Exposure to extended amounts of strong sunlight isn’t recommended. When you’re not wearing your jewellery, it should be kept out of direct sunlight.
* We’ve found resin jewellery to be water resistant. While we haven’t done extensive testing, it holds up well to everyday handwashing or showering.
* To clean, use baby oil or mild soap with a soft cloth.

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