roses & ruins . vintage and handmade fashion blend

Detail of roses & ruins booth during the Christmas Party organised in Paris by Dokuji.

Behind roses and ruins, the love of fashion, vintage and handmade.

Hi ! My name is Camille, I'm the owner of roses & ruins and also a crazy cat lady who have a sweet tooth !

During my teenagehood, I have experimented all sort of fashion styles from the most casual to the most eccentric. After I lived in Japan for one year, I have come to the conclusion that there were absolutely no reason for me to limit myself while it's way more fun to create your own style.When I love a piece, I do not ask myself anymore if it fits my style, I make it do so !

roses & ruins started in 2011 with my frustration of leaving wonderful treasures behind me while I was hunting vintage for myself. Then my first success on Etsy have given enough confidence to start selling my own designs, my own style too.

From the early beginning of the adventure, Sime, my love, helps me a lot with the pictures and shipping, but also by making coffee just the way I like it ! He slowly becomes more involved in the creative part of roses & ruins. As a start, he has drawn the illustration we use on our cards.

Then comes Morgane, who is now officially part of the roses & ruins team ! She share my deep deep love for clothes and she owns such an amazing collection of vintage couture pieces, stage costume from the Opera of Paris, rare fashion treasures… I'm so glad she helps me with the vintage selection !

Back in 2011 I would never have imagined that roses & ruins will become such an important part of my life and bring me so much happiness.
Since the first step of roses & ruins I'm learning tons of things everyday, I'm meeting wonderful people with a unique personnality and I feel so lucky to have people from all around the world supporting me.
owner, designer, curator
Vintage Huntress
assistant, designer