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Food tastes better served on Hardwood!

Thanks for visiting our site. We realize that you have millions of options on-line, so we are glad that you chose us!!
We started this business in late October of 2020, but the story of how Royal We Studios came to be is a bit older than that.
Our Name:
Royal We is a term applying to kings and queens. When they want to take credit for the work of their subjects, but not be so selfish as to say they did it themselves, they instead choose to say ‘we’ did it. This is a bit of an inside joke in our relationship. Whenever there is a job to be done, one of us ends up doing the heavy lifting. Light-heartedly, we both started asking the other " Is this a job for 'The royal we'?”. Over time, we have come to realize that we both contribute and sometimes it is truly collaborative. Other times, one of us carries the heavy load because the skills needed play to our strengths. By combining our strengths, there is nothing that can stand in our way! This is how our personal brand was born.
Our Products:
We have both always been passionate about creating art. We both have a life long love of writing, painting, enjoying music, crafting, and cooking. Whether someone is looking to complete a living space or seeking the ultimate practical gift, we have something to fulfill their needs. We each bring our creative talents and practical views together to create products that will generate conversations, create memorable events, and last for years to come. We source our Pennsylvania Hardwoods and Pines from mills that use responsible harvest methods.
Our Promise:
We stand behind our products – 100%. Our customers should be aware of a few things related to hand-crafted wood products.
Your boards or blocks may warp. Wood has a memory. Wood also absorbs moisture. When these two things combine, your wood tries really hard to go back to its natural form – Round! For best results, always stand your boards up on edge. It really helps with airflow and can avoid any issues with warping. If your board does warp, contact us. We may be able to suggest a simple fix. Still not satisfied – we will work something out!
Live edge woods can develop splinters. While we take every precaution to ensure our products ship to our customers free of splinters or other safety hazards, repeated handling or chipping of wood can occur. If a splinter raises up, it can generally be fixed with common hand tools or household items. Again, contact us directly and we will do everything in our power to ensure your board is safe for use.
Again – Thank you for choosing our shop. We really appreciate your business.

Shop members

  • Andy

    Co-founder, Creator, Designer

    Cass is the brains - I'm the brawn! I am passionate about creating each piece that we sell. From sourcing wood, to spacing my cuts, to applying the beeswax finish – I strive to create stunning, lasting, and useful products! Enjoy your purchase!

  • Cassandra

    Co-Founder, Creator, Marketer

    Andy is the brawn, I am the brains! I am always looking for new product ideas that will thrill our customers. I take pride in bringing creative, colorful, and captivating photographs of our amazing products. Thank you for your business!

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Frequently asked questions
Care instructions

Your board was sealed with pure beeswax prior to shipping. This finish should give you years of care-free maintenance. Simply wipe your board with a damp cloth after each use. Store boards upright for best airflow. If board begins to fade in color, apply a thin coat of food grade mineral oil and let board rest for 24 hours. If problems persist, please contact us!

Warping, Cupping, Splintering, etc.

Wood will naturally change shape with variations in moisture content. For best results, store boards in an upright position. Should warping occur, contact us and we may be able to recommend simple and effective tricks to return your board to shape. If splinters rise up from use, boards can be sanded with 240 grit sandpaper. Apply a thin coat of mineral oil to sanded area and let rest for 24 hours.

Knife Marks

Chopping block / cutting board styles have different effects on the board and knife depending on what part of the wood is used to compose the board:
End Grain - Less likely to show knife marks - Less likely to dull knives - $$$
Edge Grain - May show some knife marks - May dull knives - $$
Face Grain - Will show knife marks easily - Will dull knives - $