RubberDuckyShop's Shop Announcement

OUR MISSION: is that your gift recipient will open the box and a perfect diaper cake will emerge, just as beautiful as it was pictured. Our diaper cakes aren't the cheapest- because they AREN'T MADE CHEAP, and it shows. We don't cut corners.

What you see is what you get. Our photos are not just a SUGGESTION of the cake you will receive, they are an EXACT representation of the product we are selling. Unlike other diaper cake makers, we have a warehouse full of stocked product, diapers and ribbon. We DO NOT SUBSTITUTE. All cakes are made in our professional diaper cake studio, by specially trained diaper cake bakers, within 2 business days. We are prepared for volume sales, there is no waiting list and we are capable of rushing your order when applicable. If your diaper cake is listed as available, then it is!

This is what we do, full time, 5 days a week. Our diaper cakes have a clean, fresh feel and they are packaged in a sturdy manner - so they can be received as beautifully as they are pictured.

We have built long standing relationships with quality, boutique baby brands, such as: Gund, Stephan Baby, Grasslands Road, Ganz, Luvable Friends, Carter's, Rich Frog, Bearington Baby, to name a few. We never use generics or $.99 store products.

We ship UPS ground, so many diaper cakes are received within a week of being ordered.
If you would like to know if your cake will be made and received in time, please feel free to send us a convo message.

Things to consider when ordering a diaper cake:

If pre-made, how was it stored?
-Diaper cakes simply wrapped in cellophane are not protected from UV light. White diapers will turn yellow, when left exposed to light, over time. Our diaper cakes are generally made to order, but any pre-made cakes are stored in a light tight box.
-Diapers are meant to absorb moisture, including the moisture in the air. If a pre-made cake is not stored in a sealed container, it will bloat over time. All of our cakes are shrink wrapped to seal in freshness.

What kind of diapers are you getting?
-Diaper cake makers who do not advertise the brand of diapers they are using, are likely using generics or whatever they find on sale. This means that the diaper cake photographed, may not exactly match the diaper cake you receive. Diaper patterns vary, according to manufacturer and according to the season.
-We always list the diaper brand you will receive. We most commonly use premium Pampers Swaddlers diapers, because they are bright white, just as pictured. We are ALWAYS in stock. We receive regular pallets of diapers weekly. We also like to use Honest Company diapers, which have fun, stylish prints. These printed diapers are always listed in the cake's ingredients and featured in the photo.

How will it be packaged and shipped?
-Many at-home diaper cake makers, do not have the wealth of packaging materials we keep stocked in our warehouse. All of our boxes are brand new and specifically ordered and chosen for each diaper cake's shape and size. We don't offer a diaper cake, that we don't know how to ship perfectly.
-Diaper cakes are designed with shipping concerns in mind. All gift items affixed to the diaper cake, should arrive en tact. Diaper cake layers should remain together, etc. Most of our satisfied customers comment on how well we package our diaper cakes. We do not use shredded paper or packing peanuts. Your cake will come out clean and lint free every time.

Can the new parents actually use the diapers?
-Surprisingly, some diaper cake diapers are not useable. Check to be sure the diaper cake maker of your choice actually lists the diapers as ready to use.
-All of our diapers are ready to use at the snip of a ribbon. We never roll our diapers, as we don't believe new moms should spend any time unrolling diapers and removing rubber bands.

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