RubyBuffalo's Shop Announcement

Why hello, so nice of you to drop in for a bit why don't you come in and meet the ladies!
Heyyy .... are you in Southern California? Would you like to see Ruby Buffalo items in person? Come on over to Patchwork Craft Show in Long Beach! LBC on June 7th see you there!

Wait ... you don't know about Swistraw? much less ... vintage Swistraw?
Then it is time to chat about Swistraw. I adore Swistraw!

Originally from Switzerland in the 1960s and 1970s it came in brilliant and perfect colors. Rainbows are probably jealous!
This rayon ribbon is a close cousin of raffia but steals the show in terms of durability, color and history.

This vintage Swistraw used in my shop comes from my endless and vast collection.
It was either Etsy or weave a boat out of Swistraw.
Ruby Buffalo items all have a unique style, color, flair and story.
My promise to you ... there are no other vintage Swistraw shops on Etsy!

Some are dames and some are broads but they are all ladies.
Oh yes. Time to get your lady on!
So come and meet the ladies ... hurry go join the party everyone is waiting for you!

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.