RussianEmbroidery's Shop Announcement

Welcome to Russian Embroidery Etsy shop. Being an ethnographer studying Russian traditional costumes and embroidery, I offer various items related to the subject. Available are:
-Embroidered talismans of different meaning and purpose (pendants and small hand towels)
-Embroidery kits with ancient symbolic designs that allow you to make a Russian talisman by yourself.

The needlepoint techniques that I incorporate were used in ancient villages (this means no cross stitching!).

I hand-craft everything in the shop. Any design goes with an ethnographically correct description of its symbolic meaning, along with a purpose a particular talisman should be used for.

I welcome custom orders. If you wish to embellish any item with traditional/spiritual/archaic pictographs, please contact me at Irina @ to discuss all details.

I also welcome SPECIAL custom orders in making ETNOGRAPHICALLY CORRECT Russian costumes (not the ones that are typically worn by “traditional” Russian dancers). To order a costume, follow these steps:
• Choose a design and inform me about your choice via e-mail at Irina @
• You will receive a list of measurements I need to make the costume
• You provide me with your measurements and pay for an order through Etsy
• I make a costume and mail it to you (costumes will be made within 5-10 days, depending on the order, as well as shipping time (3-10 days).

Thank you for your interest!