RustIsVogue's Shop Announcement


I love collecting so many things it has to stop, but it won't. Some say my home is full of Junk, and they are right, Junk I love... you know the old saying... "One man's junk is another man's treasure" well this woMan is sharing her treasures. I saw somewhere a saying that went something like Rust is a variation of red and red is always in Vogue thus the name of my little ETSY shop. My favorite piece is my rusty Coldspot refrigerator door that I found in an abandon 100 acre chicken ranch in the desert of Southern California while I was doing what I call Urban Archiology and honestly I have gotten more flack for it then any of the other wonderful things in my home. Guess what that has done? It has made that door my most prized possession and I know the children will fight over it when I am gone. Ha Ha Ha…


So what you will see in my shop are things that were either part of my history or things I had to buy, but cannot find a place to put them in my home so I am sharing. But everything here is something I love… or was loved by someone who is close to me, so please offer a loving, fun filled home to these treasures of mine.


Thank you very much, and if you are looking for something handmade, come see me at, where you will find some of the creative side of me coming out. Keeps me from going completely nuts. Although some would say it is far to late for that, I am not convinced.
Or check out some vintage paper items at

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.