RusticEleganceSC's Shop Announcement

I love pictures. And not just my family's pictures. I love going to peoples' houses and looking at their pictures and trying to imagine what they were thinking or feeling when the picture was taken.
I love older pictures even more because I love imagining what it was like living when they were taken. It's the same thing that draws me to smell really old books. You can chalk it up to my literature major quirkiness, but I can't help but wonder who held that book and what they were going through when they read it.
So for this reason, you will find no fancy artwork in my home. Instead, you will find pictures. Pictures of our wedding, of my little girl's ballet practice, of our silly family rendition of Little Red Riding Hood and TWO big bad wolves. You will find our memories.
And isn't it magical that my family's memories are surrounded by beautiful, gnarled old wood (up to 150 years old)--wood that may have been part of someone's fireplace or part of their doorway.
Our memories are cradled by the memories of so many others.

Thank you so much for checking us out! All of our wood, door knobs and most of our hardware comes from an awesome salvage shop called Old House Salvage. All of our picture frames are customizeable. You may pick your color, size and the amount of distressing you would like as well. Enjoy!