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3 months

2 pairs of lighting brackets finished up. On their way to my lovely customers!

4 months

Adding extra strength to the mitre joints with these splines. Simple but very effective!

4 months

Carbon Fiber, Polished Copper and Polished Brass braces. Bling Bling!

4 months

Let there be light!! Everything shown included to create this wall mounted pendant light.

5 months

The finishing touch of renaissance wax completes the lighting brackets before dispatch

6 months

Hand cutting coaster sets on the scroll saw. Part of the process which goes into making each set.

7 months

Love Coffee + AeroPress = Handy storage bracket!

7 months

Oak and copper lighting bracket complete with high quality matching pendant light kit. Various other woods, metals and lighting kit colours available.

8 months

My lighting brackets are now available with a plug in pendant kit. Everything you need to create your own wall mounted Edison style lighting!

10 months

New addition to my range of products! A wall mounted lighting bracket. Combining a variety of beautiful timbers and polished metals to suit any interior decor!