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Welcome to S2 Stationery & Design!

After an amazing three months traveling around Japan and learning the art of making Washi, I am back and getting into the swing of things. You can expect to see designs based on my travels, as well as Washi making an appearance in the paper used...Stay tuned!
You know the feeling you get when you open your mail box and find REAL mail? That giddy feeling? As a matter of fact, that feeling is so strong that as you walk to your elevator, outside of the post office (if you have a post box), or through your front door you are opening the envelope. It's the feeling of anticipation. Of knowing that someone took time to write to you. To lovingly write to you. Or loves you so much they want to invite you to their special occasion. Yes, YOU! You smile and promise to write, or respond and you either do, or you don't (don't worry, we'll change that), but you know in that moment, you feel loved and content.

That's where we, S2 Stationery and Design come in! We want to be the company that designed the card or invitation your holding in your hands. We also want to be the company you use to mail your own social stationery or invitations.

We specialize in high quality eco-friendly customized cards and invitations for any occasion. Wake up, feel the paper and spread the love!

The items showcased in our shop have already been designed and are available for order. What makes each piece unique, your names and event information aside, is that each piece is customized and require my two hands either to stitch, cut, stamp, emboss, glue or anything else that my brain thinks up.

The cards are simple, sustainable (paper is eco friendly and some of the materials used to line envelopes and to create designs are materials being given another life) and happy.

ABOUT COST: EVERY PIECE FOR SALE IS MADE BY HAND AT SOME POINT. Which means that to some, my price points will be too high and for others, too low. Please know that S2 Stationery and Design is in the market to create truly beautiful and unique invitations and stationery sets and that requires time, quality supplies, attention to details, full assembly, and amazing customer service.

If you order any invitation set, you are getting the following:
1. ALL pieces hand made and assembled before shipping;
2. Constant customer service that includes unlimited conversations (email or phone - even if it is just to talk about colors) to get your order as you want.

**PLEASE NOTE** Custom orders are custom and can not be returned or exchanged after printing. If for some reason there is any problem, and it is my fault, I will gladly refund you, or discount you based on the error. If the issue is due to an oversight on the customer's behalf, I will do my very best to provide a solution, however, custom orders can not be refunded or exchanged.

If you're interested in any of my products, or would like to discuss custom orders, please email me. I'm here to talk about stationery, custom designs, and creating something special for you.

You can find out more about me, my business and philosophy at:

Thanks! I look forward to working with you!

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.