SAAMsSurprises' Shop Announcement


This is where I am selling The Stuff I Make!!

Check out my KEY CHAINS (I LOVE key chains!) and PURSE CHARMS! I am making some purse charms and key chains inspired by one of my favourite series of books- Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. I am also making some cell phone charms. And if you are a dog-lover, I have lots of purse charms that are dog-themed.

I LOVE planning parties. I don't believe that you have to spend buckets of money to give your child a nice, fun themed birthday party!!
All my PARTY PLANS are researched by me based on a party that I have personally hosted. You may like most or some of my ideas so you can use what you like. They will certainly save you time!!!
Party Plans will be EMAILED to you!!

I have collected stamps FOREVER- and my older brother before that!! I am selling my collection is small packages so hopefully you can use them in your art or jewellery projects!

I am also selling a few pieces of JEWELLERY- mostly that my daughter has made! Check those out too!!

I make JOURNALS too! I will soon be putting some of them on my site. For now I have a few JUNK JOURNAL ADD-ON KITS.

My items are not package fancy. I package them flat so the shipping is cheaper! That means usually in a bubble envelope or sometimes just a plain envelope for the stamps.

********A small package to the U.S. just went up to $5.00 - unbelievably expensive in my opinion but that is what it is. (This is for anything non paper- just paper contents is a bit cheaper). I hate paying for shipping. I am sure most people hate paying for shipping as well. I sure do not pad the shipping charges to make more money********

As for anything by snail mail ----- Please take note that Canada Post SAYS that most packages take at least 7-10 business days to go from Canada to the U.S. with regular delivery. My experience shows me that packages can take up to 3 weeks or more. SO PLEASE ALLOW FOR AT LEAST TWO-THREE WEEKS FOR YOU ITEM TO ARRIVE!!! I don't want you to be disappointed !!!!

THANKS for looking!!