SAXONFORGE's Shop Announcement

Welcome and thank you for visiting

I have been hot forging and metal sculpting steel in Canada for over 25 years and am extremely passionate about my work. I pride myself on creating one of a kind items that will be unique to their new owners. i have delivered over 600 pieces of varied shape and size to just about every state in the USA and over 12 countries in Europe with 100% success every time.

When you own an item forged by me you will take great pride in knowing that it is the only one in the world, I may forge others in similar style and dimension but no two will ever be the same. Hand forging is an extremely difficult and labor intensive art form that produces stunningly beautiful, unique and superior cutlery. In today’s world of mass CNC machining and cheap investment casting, high quality hand made original works are becoming extremely difficult to find. I forge every item as if it were my very own. It gives me great satisfaction to think that long after I am gone, my blades will proudly be displayed in silent testimony to my passion for this art form. I am extremely confident that the item you choose will meet or even exceed your expectations.

When it comes to cutlery I embrace many eras in history and will be constantly adding new items to my shop. If you like the look and feel of blades made long ago then my work is definitely for you.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.