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Welcome to S.C.Candles and Soaps. Offering candles handcrafted from natural vegetable waxes and personal care items with no chemicals and few to no synthetic ingredients. Customize your candle by changing the scent or color of any candle simply contact me via email. PLEASE BE SURE TO READ SHOP POLICIES BEFORE ORDERING.
NEW: Soy is the most popular natural wax; however, 100% soy wax candles have a poor scent throw-meaning they hold the fragrance in rather than letting it out. I have created a custom wax that blends soy with another all natural vegetable wax. This blend produces a very rich creamy texture and a stronger scented candle. This is the wax I use for all soy candles as of beginning of 2014.

Wholesale accounts and fundraisers welcome. I offer several label options to wholesale accounts including private label.
Note: Many of these fragrances would fit into multiple categories. I put them under the one I believe would be most popular.

Food & Beverage
Almond Biscotti very fragrant, almond with slight hint of butter
Apple Jack n Peel apple cider, hint of spice
Banana Nut Bread bananas, nuts and butter
Black Tea, Orange & Almond b lend of black tea, sweet milk, vanilla beans, oranges & almonds
Blackberry Sage Tea black raspberries, plums, wild berries, carnation spice, cinnamon & cloves
Blueberry fresh sweet blueberries
Breakfast at Tiffany’s sweet maple, spices, vanilla on a bed of fresh linen
Cherry fresh picked cherries
Cinnamon Bun spicy cinnamon with warm nutty undertones
Citrus Breezes blend of grapefruit, orange, lemon and tangerine, crisp greens and fresh water
Coconut Lime tropical blend of fresh limes & shredded coconut
Cucumber Melon fresh, cool cucumber and honeydew melon
Frangelico Streusel warm caramel, rich cream, Frangelico liquor, hint of Arabica coffee
Fudge Brownie rich, dark chocolate, fudge
Ginger Peach fresh sweet peaches warmed with touch of ginger
Grapefruit Jasmine fresh, juicy pink grapefruit mixed with soft fragrant jasmine petals
Hot Cocoa warm chocolate, cocoa blended with warm milk
Hot Apple Pie Warm, fresh baked apple pie and fragrant spices
Hot Orange Danish fresh baked Danish, sweet orange zest, light cream frosting
Lemon tangy, fresh lemons
Mandarin Plum fresh plums mixed with sweet oranges
Mt. Hazelnut Café rich roasted coffee, hazelnuts with hint of butter and caramelized brown sugar
Orange Ginger sweet oranges sprinkled with ginger
Pineapple Coconut- a blend of fresh pineapples and coconut.
Pomegranate Cider hot cider with warm spices of cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves blended with pomegranate and strawberries
Raspberry Lemonade fresh tart lemonade blended with sweet raspberries
Spiced Cider hot apple cider, touch of warm maple syrup, spices, ground cinnamon, allspice, cloves
Spiced Cranberry sweet cranberry bog and warm spices
Strawberry Cheesecake rich cheesecake, fresh strawberries, hint of vanilla
Sweet Orange Chili Pepper a vibrant scent of sweet oranges blended with spicy chili peppers
Vanilla Bean fragrant vaniila

Carnation a fragrant bouquet of carnations
Freesia fresh freesias with a hint of lilac
Gardenia like a gardenia bush in full bloom
Magnolia highly fragrant, soft powdery floral
Rose Bouquet highly fragrant bouquet of fresh roses
Sweet Pea soft sweet pea petals with a hint of berry
White Lily & Amber crisp white lily, mimosa, cyclamen on a background of warm amber and musk.
Nature & Seasons
Alpine Snowdrift ozone, menthol, woodland moss, spearmint and winter anise
Awapuhi Seaberry marine water, ozone, tropical flowers, Italian bergamot, tart seaberries, floral notes, on base of white musk
Basil, Sage & Mint basil, sage and mint leaves with hints of spring flowers, citrus and soft musk
Butt Naked granny smith apples, honeydew melon, strawberry, pear, hint of spices
Cashmere & Silk soft and sensual. Creamy French vanilla, creamy coconut milk, sandalwood, patchouli, musk, rosepetal, violet and apricot
China Rain refreshing and clean. Rose petals, wisteria, cyclamen, sandalwood and vanilla
Early Sunrise lemon, grapefruit, clementine, green herbs and amber wood
Fresh Linen fresh, powdery delicate flowers and citrus
Island Nectar mango, pineapple, wild berries, hints of sugar, plumeria, musk and coconut
Ocean blends of citrus, jasmine, lavender, musk and woods
Mango Sage Tea sage, mango, papaya, strawberry, fresh brewed white tea
Meadow Mist lily, ozone, green leaves and musk
Moonlight Path soft and warm. French lavender, wild violet & musk
Rattlesnake Grass fresh & explosive. Fresh leafy greens orange blossom flowers
Sea Grass- a fresh scent of salt air and greenery
Sea Breezes fresh, breezy, marine waters, hint of florals and grasses
Seaside Cotton ozone, marine waters, musk and amber
Sinus Relief cool and crisp. Eucalyptus, mint and camphor
Smoke Eliminator great for eliminating odors. Lemon and lime zest, hint of herbal cilantro
Splash of Rain ozone, florals, hint of rose petals
Vanilla Mint buttery French vanilla and cool peppermint
** a blend of fragrance oils and essential oils
Australian Bamboo Grass lime, mint, zone, French lavender, white musk**
Bedtime Bath mandarin, lavender, chamomile, lily of the valley and a hint of musk**
Bergamot & Tarragon Leaves tarragon, grapefruit, lime, middle notes of jasmine & bergamot, base of oak moss & bamboo
Energizing Spearmint, peppermint, wintergreen with a hint of citrus**
Fountain of Youth fresh air, Japanese grapefruit, spring melons, lotus blossom, rose petals, lily of the valley, bamboo white musk
Mood Enhancing fresh picked roses, jasmine and musk**
Passion Roses with lilac, gardenia and hyacinth**
Relaxation lavender flowers and hint of musk**
Tabetian Amber lotus blossom, rose, jasmine, amber musk, patchouli, fr. Vanilla bean

Holidays & Special Occassions
Christmas/New Year
Bayberry sweet berry, pine, woods
Christmas Memories orange peel, cranberry, cinnamon sticks, evergreens and pinecones
Christmas Splendor apple, oak, balsam, fir, pine, cinnamon, clove
Christmas Thyme bayberry, apple, pine, thyme, cinnamon bark
Christmas Wassail warm apple cider, fresh pineapple, orange zest, spicy cinnamon, clove
Cinnamon & Balsam extremely fragrant. Balsam wood and spicy cinnamon
Grandma’s Eggnog warm cream, cinnamon, rum
Holiday Sparkle spruce, apple cider, cranberries, plum, notes of mandarin, cinnamon, cloves, essences of vanilla & musk
Purely Peppermint cool,minty
Spruceberry spruce trees, fresh light fruits, rosemary, cloves, ozone
Sugarplum Berry Christmas trees and sugar coated berries
Winter Wonderland warm and cool at the same time. eucalyptus, balsam fir, pine, cedar wood, hints of cinnamon, clove, vanilla musk, mulberry
Angel wings soft, powdery, slightly creamy
Asian Pear & Lily Nashi pear, pear nector, apple, fresh greens, lily of the valley, hints of peony, rose petals and jasmine
Butterfly Flower green floral bouquet, fresh ozone, lily, sage, orange flower, hint of musk
Easter Bunny Burps blend of fresh greens, spring flowers, hints of sandalwood and musk. A favorite!
Jelly Bean fruity. Wild cherry, peach, strawberry, hints of cinnamon, vanilla, musk
Spiritual Awakening ylang ylang, jasmine, rose, carnation, violet, exotic woods
Spring Rain hints of fresh florals, spice. Light fragrance
Bitches Brew smoky, woodsy, hints of patchouli, light floral accent
Black Magic sandlewood, ylang ylang, patchouli, hints of vanilla and baby powder
Candy Apple apple, pineapple, orange zest, cinnamon, sandalwood, musk, bamboo, patchouli
Harvest Moon spicy cinnamon, orange peel, creamy vanilla, hints of apple and oak
Hayride fresh mowed hay, sweet balsam, cedar wood, velvety veviter- like country outdoor air
Twilight in the Woods patchouli, moss, sandalwood, musk, amber
Witching Hour cinnamon bark, bergamot, jasmine, rose, cannabis flower, musk, black tea & patchouli
Amish Harvest dried fruits, lightly spicy
Cornucopia blend of fall fruits (apple, pear, plum, grape), nuts, hint of caramel
Sweet Pumpkin Spice pumpkin, cinnamon, ginger, molasses, allspice, cloves, nutmeg
Antique Lace jasmine, fresh vanilla bean, musk
Amber Romancing amber, African vanilla, musk, undertones of black cherry
Champagne & Pear pear nector,
Paris Twilight romantic blend of citrus zest, strawberry, cranberry, white grapefruit, lavender, chamomile, hint of vanilla sugar, warm amber, whip cream
Passionate Kisses tart berries and soft musk
Stargazer Lily sweet, soft, fresh lily flowers
Wedding Day bouquet of roses, lily, soft spring flower petals.
White Lily & Amber soft, white lily, amber musk
Perfume Types(not originals, smell similar to)
Black for Men
Chanel #5
Cool Water
Curve for Men
Aqua di Gio aquatic, bergamot, neroli, tangerine, rosemary, jasmine, persimmon, base of woods, patchouli
Bay Rum crushed cloves, cinnamon sticks, rum, crisp pine needles, sweet orange, essence oil of patchouli, This is a guys fave.
Black Pepper & Bergamot warm and spicy with slight hint of fresh orange
Black Tie kaffir lime, lemon, ozone, basil, black pepper, cucumber, base of vevetir and spices
Cedar Wood warm, earthy, cedar, vanilla and musk
Egyptian Dragon myrrh, dragons blood, patchouli, lighr hint of rose, jasmine base notes of woods and musk
Fresh Outdoors aromas of grass, air and dirt. Cedar, pine, orange, musk, slight hint of jasmine & lily
Mahogany Spice warm and rich, mahogany bark, woods, hint of spices
New Car Italian leather. Smells like a new car
Saffron & Cedar fresh cedar, saffron spice, vevetir, musk, hints of violet & geranium
Total Hot Man patchouli, sage, crisp greens, hint of mango, sandalwood, tonka bean
Wild Wild West tumbleweed, basil, cedar, tonka bean, brushed suede, leather, patchouli, musk

unscented - no fragrance added

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