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An Etsy shop with professional SEO will always do better in Etsy searches as well as in Google searches, whether through using an SEO success guidebook, step by step, or having your shop custom SEO'ed.

Custom Etsy Shop SEO is available through my Web site only:

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When it comes to Web design, A PICTURE PERFECT WEB SITE ALONE DOES NOT GUARANTEE SUCCESS. Appearance is important but the graphic design is only the beginning. An SEO Web design PLUS a User-Centered Web Design rewards your investment with more visitors and enable you to make more sales.

A Web site that includes both Search Engine Optimization and a User-Centered design will be found and make sales. With SEO, Your web site will be found In the search engines for the products or services you are selling and and user-centered design will work to convert your visitors into customers.

Creating a Web site without SEO (search engine optimization) is like planning, cooking for and decorating for a big dinner party and not sending invitations to the guests.

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Thank you for choosing for your Web design and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) needs. With over 10+ years experience with designing and optimizing web sites, you can be assured that your Web design will not only look and function the you want it too, it will also be both search engine friendly and user friendly.

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Custom Etsy shop banners, business cards, etc. are not available at this time. The banners in my shop cannot be altered at this time.

***** Contact me through Etsy Conversations if you would like to have a CUSTOM SEO REPORT PREPARED for your shop, such as these ( ) from my sales on Etsy:


These Custom SEO listings are now available through my web site at:


** Sept 10, 2013 - A few updates in response to the loss of Google's Keyword Research tool. Alternate keyword research recommendations now are included.
** Jan - July 2013 - Several updates for both Etsy and Google, following changes in search algorithms from both Etsy and Google.
** October, 2012 - Etsy tips added: How to keep your listings on the first pages of Relevancy search results and Browse pages. This information is based on monthly testing for both Browse and Relevancy.
** May 17, 2012 - Information about Google's Penguin algorithm update related to Keyword Spam and Bad Backlinks.
** March 10, 2012 - Alternative ways to check backlinks to address Yahoo Site Explorer no longer available and newest version of Firefox not display important link information.
** November 17, 2011 - Keywords use for both Google SEO and Etsy Relevancy is somewhat different. The use of many keywords works for Etsy but can be seen as Spammy by Google. Workaround for using keywords in listing titles that work for both Google and Etsy Relevancy added to SEO guidebook.
** August, 2011 - Etsy's change using Relevancy Search as the default search for shoppers is in place. My SEO guidebook and custom reports include the SEO that is needed for Relevancy Search on Etsy as well as Google,Yahoo and other search engines.
** June, 2011 - The recent Google algorithm change, called the Panda Update, adversely affected web sites with duplicated content as well as web sites with low quality content. The solution to this potential problem for Etsy sellers is address in the updated Etsy Shop SEO ebook.
** May 14, 2011 - The link building section of the Etsy Shop SEO Guidebook has been updated. Anyone who received a copy of this guidebook or custom Etsy Shop SEO work from me before September is welcome to request an updated copy. Your updated guidebook will be sent to you by email with my complements to the same email address that came with your order from Etsy. One free replacement guidebook of each updated version will be sent to each customer who makes a request.
** Sept, 2010 - The Etsy Shop SEO Guidebook has been updated.

I like to work from the design questionnaire that I send out for custom designs. Discussing design ideas on the telephone works better for many people. I am available to discuss custom designs on the telephone. Contact me through your Etsy Conversation area to set up a time to talk.

The price of a custom web design includes three rounds of design revisions. All design revisions are taken care of before Web pages and the content, text and images, are added. Additional revisions are available for an additional fee - the amount of the fee depends on the revision needed and how much of the Website has been developed. Complete changes in design direction will require a redesign fee.

All designs are original and © WingsDove 2008 - 2014. Do not copy or alter my designs in any way without permission.


TIME FRAME for all Etsy Shop SEO Guidebooks - are sent by email within 24 business hours of your purchase.

TIME FRAME for all CUSTOM ETSY SHOP SEO purchases: allow 15 - 20 business days to receive your SEO report and recommendations for your shop. Allow additional time when I make the changes for you.

TIME FRAME for all READY-MADE WEB DESIGN TEMPLATE purchases: allow 10 business days to receive your customized purchase.

TIME FRAME for all CUSTOM SEO AND DESIGN purchases: The average turn-around time for custom Web designs depends on the size and scope of the Web design and development project. Small Web sites can be completed within 4 - 6 weeks and larger Web sites especially those that include ecommerce, will take longer, usually 6 - 12 weeks. Once the design is complete and accepted by you, the remaining work depends on the amount of time it takes both the client and myself to add the content of the web site as well as our back and forth communication.

The amount of time it takes to complete the whole CUSTOM Web design order usually depends both on the size of the order, the number of projects I am working on, the readiness of the customer with text and photos for the Web site and the time it takes to communicate back and forth. INTERNATIONAL ORDERS may take several days or longer due to time zone differences which results in lack of real time communication.

RUSH CUSTOM DESIGN orders can sometimes be accommodated depending on the number of projects I am working on. Contact me through Etsy Conversations (up near the top of this web page) to ask about this.



Payment for Custom Web Design packages can be made in full or in 2 payments. Let me know if you would like to make 2 payments before you make a purchase and I will create a custom listing for you that allows you to pay in parts.

Once you let me know which package you are interested in, I will create multiple custom listings for you, each for a part of the total purchase price. You only need to pay for one of these to begin the work on your Web site. The other payments will be due at other stages in the design and development process.

Payments for SEO Guidebooks can be made through PayPal or Direct Checkout.

Payments, in full or in part, are only accepted through PayPal. Contact me if this is presents a problem for you.

Custom Web Designs can be canceled and the time spent on the design and development will be deducted from the amount paid. The balance will be refunded.


WEB DESIGN: With the exception of e-commerce web sites, the design and development of your Web site will be done on a directory on my Web site at The completed Web site will be uploaded to your Web hosting service when the project is complete. You can also choose to have the complete web site, if it's not too large, sent to you by email in a zipped format and you can then unzip and upload your own web site.

A copy of all the design graphics are sent to the client in zipped format as well as uploaded and applied to the Web site.

GUIDEBOOKS will be sent by email to the email address that comes with your order from Etsy. Guidebooks are usually sent out within a few hours of purchase but the turnaround time might be longer on Holidays and weekends.

Refunds and Exchanges

There is no refund once digital files are delivered, since digital files cannot be returned. Normally this policy should not cause a problem since custom designs have to be approved long before digital files are delivered.

There is no refund for SEO Guidebooks once the guidebook is delivered, since digital files cannot be returned. Contact me, though, if you think you have a valid reason to warrant a refund to see what can be worked out to your satisfaction.

Due to the nature of custom design and SEO work, complete refunds cannot be be given. Web design projects can be canceled for any reason within 30 days. The time spent on the design will be deducted from the amount paid to-date and the balance will be refunded.

There is no refund for digital goods such as ebooks, but I want buyers to be happy with the purchase. Please contact me if you are not happy with your purchase for any reason.

Exchanges can be made for other packages and prices will be adjusted accordingly.

Additional Policies and FAQs

Custom orders welcome and custom no-obligation quotes will be given upon request. Custom listings will be created if needed.

Last Updated July 21, 2014