Washable Paper Design.
Washable Paper Design.
Washable Paper Design.
Washable Paper Design.
Washable Paper Design.

I found my material, I found myself.

The summer of 2011 saw my husband and I living in Vancouver, Canada... the beautiful ocean lapping at the beach in our backyard and views of snow-capped mountains from our living room. As beautiful as that all was, I needed to find something to call my own.

When I was at home alone with our cat, Kirin, I would sometimes put her in her carrier and take her to the beach... to just sit there, to think, to feel the world as everything in it continued on its way. I had no idea what my life was about, really. What was the meaning of it all?

Then one day, by chance, I was introduced to Etsy by a friend and was asked to participate with her in hand-making something and sending six things to six people by the end of the year. I made some simple pouches out of ironed-together plastic shopping bags (as seen on Etsy) and sent them on their way. My friends were very impressed and I was in love.

I explored using upcycled shopping bags as my main material, then cloth, then felt. I didn't fall in love with any of the materials I tried. One day, however, I discovered "washable paper" and my newfound love of creating things with my own hands had found a material to call its own.

At the end of Summer 2011, Shawn and I moved back to Taiwan. Although I missed the beaches and the mountains of Canada's west coast, we got used to things as they were in Taiwan; enjoying mountains that were green instead of gray and white, and enjoying the cheap and quick food of the night markets.

The beginning of 2014 saw us make the decision to move back to Canada. Yes, we seemed to be circling the planet, but we both now believe that Canada is the best place for us. First, we tried Calgary, and now, we're in Niagara Falls!

Nonetheless, it is here, or anywhere, that I continue my craft.
Sidonie Yang
owner, maker, designer
I was born in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, and moved to Taipei as an adult. That's where I met my husband, Shawn, and we've since lived in Toronto, then Vancouver... and after going back to Taiwan, we're now in Niagara Falls. It's great to settle down!
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