SKSBoutiqueCo's Shop Announcement

SKSBoutiqueCo ~ As featured in "ACCOUTRE PETS" MAGAZINE for her fabulous quality & personal attention taken to make each handbag made by SELENE. Using only the Finest of Deco Fabrics & Linen from USA & England.

Due to moving & consolidating into 1 home out of state. We have taken most of our custom sewing items out of our shop for the next month to six weeks. There is no way Selene can sew while packing and moving. She will finish her very recent orders and then take a sewing hiatis. We are hoping to be completely settled and organized by then. Selene will be listing many of her collectibles & vintage items that she doesn't want to move. We are downsizing in a big way. Years of collecting dog collectibles, dog art, sewing collectibles, many books (vintage & sewing books), and lots of wonderful Cookbooks.