SOULElevation's Shop Announcement

I am Creating ART and Accessories to ELEVATE and adorn you with playful conscious gear. Fusing HipHop TIME Traveler with GALACTIC JEDI. Using ANCIENT Symbology and SACRED Geometry to raise the consciousness. ART to feed the SOUL.
In Sacred Geometry symbolic and sacred meanings are connected to certain geometric shapes and geometric proportions. Sacred Geometry has its ROOTs in the study of NATURE and the mathematical principles that define it. SACRED Geometry Brings CREATOR and Science together. It is the WEB that binds true NATURE with the SPIRITual unseen WORLD.
Through the ELEVATION of the MIND, we raise our Awareness into a new Conciousness that is returning to our NATURE. Realizing that each and every SOUL is part of this WEB of LIFE. As our THOUGHTS rise in LOVE, PEACE and in LIGHT, we must ELEVATE THE SOUL.