STAYFurnitureGripper's Shop Announcement

This is it! THE furniture gripper. You will be amazed at how well these hold your furniture in place on hardwood floors, vinyl, tile or laminate. Can be used for any furniture - couch, chair, loveseat, desk, table, beds.

WHY? I created Stay! Furniture Grippers after purchasing some new furniture that I could never keep in place! Every time we would sit down, our couch would move around and it was driving me CRAZY! I searched all the big box stores for a solution and tried every product I could find. Nothing worked! I ended up with a sticky mess that was not sized correctly, moved easily and fell off all together in just a couple of days. Not to mention my floor was beginning to scratch and the legs of my new sofa were getting loose.
So I did some research and came up with a solution that works AWESOME! After sharing this with my friends and family who had the exact same problem, they were so pleased that they encouraged me to share them with you!

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*Sizes 2 - 6 inch and round or square
*Super Grip Pads
*Protects your expensive hardwood or laminate floors from scratches!
*Easy! Just place under furniture legs
*NO sticky residue
*Nothing to glue or nail
*Memory groove conforms to the shape of leg
*Thick pad to help quiet noisy upstairs beds
*Holds large furniture as well as small furniture
*Holds furniture steady to prevent wear of legs
*Keeps sectional sofas from slipping apart

Each package comes with 4 pieces. Available in square or round.

TO MEASURE: Simply measure the bottom of the leg of your furniture. For the best grip, round up so that the size is slightly larger than the leg.

Read our customer feedback-

Thanks! These furniture gripper pads keep my furniture from sliding around on my laminate flooring.

FANTASTIC! My couch no longer slides across our hardwood floors! Thank you, Holly!! It's nice to sit down with hearing that "Err!" as the couch moves 3 inches!

Great! Keeps my new couch and chair from sliding on our hardwood flooring!

For years we've looked and asked everywhere for some way to stop our furniture from sliding around on our hardwood floors and damaging the wood and had no luck. Just when we had given up we found these. They're exactly what we spent years hunting for! Our sofa now stays put and our floor is safe. We're spreading the word to all of our friends and colleagues. Thanks for a great product!!

Thank you so much! Love the's the only thing I could find to make my bed stay STILL on my new tile floor so it doesn't slide around every time I just barely sit down on it. Thanks a million!

These are a must have for anyone with wood floors. We have had problems for years with our living room furniture sliding all over the place...but no more! We have tried EVERYTHING, and these actually work. Thanks!

These are EXACTLY what I was looking for!! Work perfectly, my furniture doesn't move at all on my hardwood floors anymore, thanks so much! Super fast shipping! Great price as well.

Bought these to keep a large chair from easily sliding on our wood floors. Even though the chair is large, it would slide across the floor with the push of one finger. The legs of the chair are large (3 1/2" square), and I could not find anything on the market to fit, and trust me, I looked everywhere. Not only were these perfect, as the chair does not move AT ALL, and there is no damage to my floor. Plus, at 4" square, these fit perfectly! Great product at a really great price! Thanks for solving our problem. Also, nice seller that was quick to respond and follow up.

Finally, furniture pads that actually work. Great for keeping our sectional couch from seperating and sliding and scratching our hardwood flooring. Thank you!

This is the only product that I could find that works to keep my furniture from slipping and marking up our hard flooring.

OMGosh! THEY work! How awesome. Nothing has worked! Single best invention ever. My children continue to play on the furniture like it's jungle gym equipment, but I no longer have traveling furniture! Thank you!

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