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Custom Leather Book of Shadows, Spell pages, Divider sets, BOS Stationary, Ritual oils, Soaps & Candles.

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To obtain Real Magick one must have energy manifested, the simplest form of Magick or Power Manifestation is through intent. When a Witch perfects her spells, rituals, incantaions and writes in their own handwritting within their Book of Shadows the witches magickal secrets is transformed into energy, Power and Real Magick can be obtained. Every thing has energy and through energy lies Power and real magick.
Through the craft of the wise we have journeyed along our path growing spiritually and creating what the Goddess has manifested in our lives.
Here I present to you my Handmade Leather Book of Shadows Created and inspired by the Goddess and waiting for you to manifest your energy into the Book creating a true Witches Book of Shadows for you to hide your greatest Spells, Rituals and Incantations within the pages of your
Book of Shadows.
Blessed Be
Lady Fiona Luna