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Traditional Sashiko, Tokyo Style

After moving to Tokyo in 2010, I found it was impossible to hold off opening my Etsy shop any longer.

I left my job at an art museum in the US to live in Tokyo, and suddenly found myself with time and an enormous city to explore. I took a neighborhood class in sashiko and started editing patterns and tweaking them to suit my aesthetic. I shared my designs with friends, writing about my discoveries on my blog and with their encouragement, Saké Puppets was born.

Tokyo is an endless source of inspiration. I love the way traditional and modern meld, and how Tokyo can be calm, crazy, or incredibly weird. I'm starting to find my groove here, stitching and learning (and eating lots of fish guts).

Every day work in my shop is a little different. I work alone in my "studio," a sunny corner of my teeny Tokyo apartment where I've managed to carve a workspace. I spend a lot of time preparing orders, wrapping up packages so they are fun to find in the mailbox. I also study Japanese, navigate the supermarket almost daily, and teach craft classes in a nearby park. Life is busy, but it is the best kind. (@⌒ー⌒@)

I love hearing from people! So please feel free to check my blog, Facebook or Twitter accounts, or send me a message anytime. Thanks for stopping by!
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