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The art and science of cold-process soapmaking is centuries old. It has improved over time! This is not your grandmothers lye soap. Although all soap is made with lye (sodium hydroxide), this form of soap is much more moisturizing than the "soap bars" you get at the drug store or even the bath/body shops at the mall. Most of these are not even soap- they are synthetic detergent bars, known as syndet bars by the industry.

In cold process soapmaking, lye (precisely measured down to the gram) is mixed with different oils to get different soap qualities. Examples are: coconut oil for cleansing and lather, olive oil for conditioning and castor oil for lather. That is what is so great about soap-making. The end product is completely customizable to your skin type and prefernces.

Another benefit of handmade soap is glycerin. Glycerin is a natural by-product of the soapmaking process. But moisturizing glycerin can be skimmed off the raw soap and sold to be included in more costly products, likes creams and lotions. Almost every commercial soap maker does this. Handmade soapmakers keep the glycerin intact in their soaps. Another benefit for those with dry skin is superfatting the soap. That means adding extra oils that do not actually saponify (turn into soap)and stay in the soap as moisturizing agents. The higher the superfat percentage, the more moisturizing.

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