Fish Chronicles 2012 Remarkably the fishmongers had all disappeared

Always in the Studio

The moment I got out of RISD and came home from living and painting in Paris, I've been a working artist. A Jacqueline of all (well not quite all!) art "trades", so to speak. I've made etchings, paintings, drawings, and showed them and sold them and somehow have managed to survive.

Oh, there have been on and off part time jobs, working at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, printing etchings for other artists, working for the Brooklyn Arts Council, and now working at the Greenmarket in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Happily I can say, I've never been a waitress

I'm always looking for time to paint my observations of the farmers markets at Union Square and Grand Army where I sling fish for Blue Moon. Standing behind the counter with the smell of ocean in the air, it’s a twice weekly, highly amusing riot of people, animals, food and weather.
Sometimes bizarre, sometimes unexpected but always fun.

I've got a stack of hurriedly jotted sketches on green and blue lined paper from the stand, waiting for me when my pottery or painting commissions ease up. It's a wonderful thing, having a stockpile of ideas waiting to happen!
Sally Mara Sturman
owner, maker, designer, curator

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