SalukiFeathers' Shop Announcement

Hello Etsy people!

Please note that I will only be crafting four items per week to mitigate the risk of another pinched nerve / muscle adhesion (which required that I take two months off to recover at the start of 2015). The order of crafting will be based on what is ordered first. I will maintain an up to date order list at and will try to update the page after every order. The week listed for your order is the week that I will START crafting it - your actual delivery time will be based on the time line as specified in the item you order (usually 2-3 weeks). After every order, I will also send you a message confirming the details of your order, the date I expect to start on it, and the date I expect it to be shipped..

Thanks for visiting my shop!

Julia @ SalukiFeathers


Looking for a unique leather collar for your special dog? My leather creations are entirely handmade and will look stunning on your hound. Sighthound, buckle, limited slip and adjustable collars are just the beginning. I can also work with you on a custom design.

On April 5, 2013, we lost our house (and my leather studio) to a fire. With the exception of our aquarium fish, we are all alive and well. I'd like to thank everyone for their well wishes! We're currently living elsewhere, and I've replaced my essential leather tools. I'm resuming crafting custom orders, although I've kept the shop "on holiday" to keep the order volume down.

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