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Each item started as watercolored, inked, hand lettered and/or illustrated by yours truly.


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Shanty Town Design
Hand Lettering | Small Business | Graphic Design

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Along with offering web and print design, I also play around with hand lettering and watercolors. This is a shop offers a variety of digital downloads of my personal creations.

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Feel Free to e-mail or message me with any questions!
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For custom design services only:

Customer must follow all necessary steps for checkout on certain orders
*Custom Design Services
*Customized Print Color Adjustment

For example, my Custom Design Services include a list of questions for the customer to answer to help me better understand the feel of you and your business. Not completing these questions and sending them to me in a *convo or note to seller will leave me in the air about what you are looking for in a design, and also may prolong the whole process because I am left trying to read your mind on my own.

It is the customers responsibility to complete each step to check out in a timely fashion, or the transaction will be cancelled and re listed.

*convo - please be sure to include invoice #


As often as possible, we ship using US Priority Mail.

Keep in mind that I am one person, running 3 aspects of my businesses (Etsy, Shanty Town Design, Brick & Motor). So please allow 1-2 weeks until your item is received. That is assuming payment is received as stated above and customer completes all other responsibilities.

*Excludes all design services and instant downloads


Refunds and Exchanges

Of course I want you to be happy with your item!

I will do my best to meet each customers special needs for shipping or other circumstances and can guarantee your item arrives safely and you are satisfied.

No refunds or exchanges on Instant Downloads.
Please convo me with any concerns!

Under circumstance that item is damaged upon shipment or you are unsatisfied with your product, I will offer a refund within 7 business days of receiving an item, excluding return shipping costs. As long as all prior customer responsibilities are met.

Additional Policies and FAQs

Whole Sale orders welcome!
Most of the stuff listed here are for customers purchasing my DESIGN SERVICES:

1. I like to stick to ONE thread of e-mails. So if you could just keep replying to this same thread, as will I, that would be AMAZING!

2. I also have a list of questions that I have at the end here. It's to help me better understand what kind of design you want. I'm here to make you something that you are proud to show off. Plus everyone likes answering questions about themselves, it's a good way to look inward on your business, especially since you can take your time and REALLY think about what you want, who you are, and your goals.
So if you could just copy and paste those in a reply that would be rad.

3. PEOPLE GETTING STUFF PRINTED!! I do offer printing as that's my favorite part of the design process. However, I do not offer it through etsy as the prices are quote based. If you are interested in my services with printing, we can discuss that later.

4. PEOPLE GETTING WEB WORK!! I do offer installation on each of my items, which means I would have ask for your user name and password. I am NOT a weirdo who is going to sign you up for porn, so please don't feel like I'm trying to get at anything personal. I just understand that it can be tough for people to figure out certain things if they have never done them before (like how to crop things correctly on facebook) I would never FORCE you to give me a password or anything, so if you would rather keep that private and do the installation yourself, that is alright with me! You could even change your password to a phony one just for me, then change it after the design process is through. I will NEVER go back onto your site, without you asking me to do so.

If I am doing a blog site for you, I will create a whole new login for you. And, again, after the design process is through, you can change your password to whatever you want : )

5. EVERYONE! As the design process continues, I will show you samples of the work as we go along with the revisions, etc. Those sample will be a low quality screen shot and not the real file. It's a quick and effective way to get the point across. So at the end of the design, once I get the final approval from you I will send over the final file so you can have a copy of the original, along with installing it on your site.

6. For those of you who don't know how to work certain sites, I will always offer a video chat (skype has a feature that just shows the screen) where I could show you exactly how to do things. My rate for such tutorials is $30/hr and that will be billed through paypal.

7. When it comes to time frames for design jobs, it varies from 2 weeks to about 2 months. I am a college student, living on my own, with a part time job, on top of owning my own business. So sometimes, things come up, which I need to prioritize for. As a paying customer, I want you to be satisfied with my work, so I am going to keep it at a minimum of 2 weeks until I can guarantee a finished product. Obviously there will be times that your responses are quick, maybe their aren't as many revisions, or you have email on your phone (i do) and things can go by much quicker! Just something to keep in mind. : )
If you need something sooner than my little hands can work, I may talk to you about a rush charge.

8. The biggest thing I'm strict about are the revisions. I have it explained at the bottom part of the description for each of my listings. Here it is again, incase you forgot!

When designers say revisions, they usually mean "change the color of this" and that is one revision. When I say revisions, I mean it like this:

It gets hectic responding to 30 emails from the same person with small revisions. I end up going back to the design 30 times to tweak the smallest of things.
So by ONE revision I mean ONE e-mail. Fill up that e-mail with whatever you want.
"Change that, tweak this, I hate the way looks, I LOVE that!"
I always enjoy a nice compliment thrown in there : )
You could have have a million things in the e-mail, but I require only THREE(3) emails to be sent on your end. That does not include the initial e-mail or the conversation that we will have to start working together. Meaning I will only revisit the design 3 times after I send you the first image for approval. I also, may ask a few questions of my own through out the process. Don't worry, I won't count those against you. : )

If I am just sucking at capturing your vision, we will talk about a charge for additional revisions.


1. Do you plan on printing on your own?
(I can recommend you to sites or print shops, I also offer printing on my own... )
If you are getting a web design, ignore this

2. When are you looking to get these finished by?

3. Do you have an idea in mind to start with? if not the next couple of questions should help

4. Are you looking to have photos of your own work incorporated in the designs? or do you want a solely graphic theme?

5. What is the color that best represents you, or if you want to be more specific... color scheme?

6. How do you like/want people to see yourself/your business?

7. How important is being 'green' to you?

8. What are 3 words that describe your business?

9. Do you have a slogan or quote?

10. How tech-savvy are you with social media advertising?
Are you interested in a one on one sesson on how to use/maintain your business on the internet?

11. LASTLY, what information do you want included?

Last Updated August 30, 2015