An array of metalsmithing hand tools.
T-Rex with an Art Deco inspired plant. An instance of combining my dinos with my interest in historical craft.
A custom order, hanging out on the soldering bricks.
Finished Plique-a-jour earrings, the enamel is applied in thin layers, with a kiln firing for each one.
A piece from my latest series, Urban Nature. Sewer Cover brooch has enameled copper, a bridge-like setting and flowers.

Jewelry-ing All The Time!

I started my shop a few years ago while still in school and wasn't very focused on it. I finally 'get it' and love talking to other shop owners and my customers. My jewelry reflects who I am, with multiple facets, and I hope people recognize that. This is why my shop has a Dinosaur section, which is the kid in me, and more sophisticated pieces made out of sterling silver, enamel and felt.

I add items as I make them and as I learn new techniques. I've been out of school for a few years now, but there's always more to learn. Most of my shop items are considered production work, meaning that I can make multiples and make a profit. I make several one of a kind items on top of this, so make sure you check out my site and facebook page.

My education and the opportunities its opened up are very valuable to me. By studying at Kent State University I also got to see a business side of things, and how art jewelers work in a number of manners. I'm currently the Studio Apprentice at Pittsburgh's Society of Contemporary Craft. I help facilitate classes and get studio time! In the fall of 2013 I will begin earning my MFA in Metal Design at East Carolina University, an opportunity I am very excited about. You can keep up with these events on my blog.

Keep up with me on facebook and twitter, where I update my followers on all my new endeavors.
Sarah Loch-Test
Owner, Maker, Designer, Design, Make, Photogragh, Everything!
I grew up in Columbus, OH, attended Northland High School and was involved in band, French club and fine arts. At Kent State University I studied Jewelrymetals/Enameling and now work at a costume studio. I enjoy continuing to hone my metals skills!