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Announcement   Will be debuting a new line of products soon. Stay tuned and you won't be disappointed. We have knitting, sewing, fabric flower hair clips and brooches, yarn art and a host of new things. I am having the best time creating these and practice makes perfect! See you soon with the listings. There will be over a hundred flowers to choose from and the same with my knitting projects. It's going to be exciting!


Will be debuting a new line of products soon. Stay tuned and you won't be disappointed. We have knitting, sewing, fabric flower hair clips and brooches, yarn art and a host of new things. I am having the best time creating these and practice makes perfect! See you soon with the listings. There will be over a hundred flowers to choose from and the same with my knitting projects. It's going to be exciting!

Laura Armstrong

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Laura Armstrong


The journey.....

My daughter and I love to make things. I am the knitter and fiber artist. Erin is the jewelry designer and she also knits and crochets. Life has not been good and we have had many obstacles in our way, some of them were likely our own. Erin suffered many issues, extreme social anxiety disorder, agoraphobia and some less intense issues. We overcame most of them and improved in others; still not out of the woods with the more intense but she was taking baby steps forward. We lived together and it was such a joy to watch Erin's progress in life and her successes were reflected in her work.

For myself it's physical and I have arthritis at different stages throughout my body so it's in the majority of moveable parts in my body. I am slower but still doing what I love, knitting and sewing. So while we were working hard on an inventory last year, Erin passed away from a catastrophic coronary here at home. My world fell apart and once something shatters it takes sometime to put it back together.

My son and daughter in law gave me a plane ticket to Australia where they live, for Christmas. Some of the pieces were coming back and I started to heal. When we spent time at home I knitted non stop and you can imagine how much I got done.

So this summer my store, Sassafrazz Dezigns will reopen. I have a number of completed projects to list. I will also post some of Erin's things and we will give it a go. So I invite you to come along and we will see where the Etsy road will take us!

Laura Armstrong
Shop owner of Sassafrazz Dezigns
Proud mother of Erin Armstrong

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Last updated on April 17, 2011
This little shop is my hobby and my something to do but more than that it allows me to be creative and inspired and make my dreams come to life. In essence I love sewing and knitting. I am disabled so having something like this to keep me busy is my answer to becoming active, not being bored and it gives me a purpose. And beyond all of that I love it. My daughter and I decided some some time ago to give this a try and while we are not overly busy, we could stand more busy because we both love what we are doing. Variety is the spice of life and I don't want an ordinary life so my disabilities have everything to do with it. I won't bend down to them but rise up to them all and have a fulfilling life. Folks tell me that I already have a fulfilling life and while that it is true there are more things one could add to that fulfilling life. My kids are grown leaving me a lot of time which I want to fill. I don't want to miss a minute of it; like wondering if that is all there is when I already know the answer. There is a lot more to be added and more things to do than just sitting around watching the world pass me by. So that is basically how Sassafrazz Dezigns was born. This is my little piece of heaven on earth. I could be busier however but with some recent health issues it's just made me more determined to grab hold of whatever it is and go with it. My health issues are resolved so with very few restrictions like running marathons or ballroom dancing the world is at my fingertips. My legs don't work very well due to arthritis but that's no excuse to bow out. Pain is pain and either you learn to live with it or you die. I choose to live. There is so much more out there. I don't have any grandchildren yet but maybe one day and if not, I will find other things to take up my time. My kids are the loves of my life and without them this life would be so much harder. I love them both with all my heart. My daughter is also disabled and loves what she does on Etsy as well and it enables her ti interact with people that are the source of her fears and she does an amazing job with it. So here we are etching out something. We are not sure what it is yet and that's very good, it keeps us from stagnating and the challenges of creating a brand new something is just excellent. Neither of us mind that some projects take time to come to life. It's all part of the process. We both collect a disability pension so food and shelter are looked after. Everything else comes in due time and we spend most of our disposable income on more material to make those projects come to life. God see fit that we are busy with lots of ideas to keep ourselves from becoming idle. I hate boredom so I fix it daily by doing new and exciting things. There you have my small philosophy of life. I own it, created it, shaped it, sometimes many times till I get it right then off it goes to listing with Etsy. My daughter and I never stop leaning and that's half the battle. It gets a little frustrating from time to time and I will garbage something and start over from scratch. Usually then that idea becomes more realistic and more often than not it gets finished and put to the real test, my customers. To my customers: THANK YOU! EITHER YOU LOVE OR YOU DON'T, IT'S THAT SIMPLE. IF YOU DON'T LOVE IT I TRY TO FIND OUT WHY, THEN SUCCESS COMES A LITTLE CLOSER. IT'S WONDERFUL! I count my blessings every single day and I have so many of them. Its really gratifying to be able to say that and know that it's not just lip service but means something. Thanks for listening!

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Payment is due at the close of the sale but payment arrangements can be made even on the smallest of items. Once the item is finally paid for I will then ship it. I only charge $2,5O for the first item and then a dollar for each subsequent order to keep my shipping costs below the norm. I don't want shipping prices to scare you so I am very careful with it. $2.50 to ship one item globally is a steal in any country and i pay the balance myself. I don't believe I am gouging anyone. Sometimes you see really abnormally high shipping costs and I don't believe in that so it's stated up front. A dollar for each item after that is very low and I am happy to be able to keep it that low. Without you, my customers, I have no business and I want to keep you happy. I acknowledge every sale with an email to you and give you a shipping date (the date it leaves my hands). I of course ship from Canada and always remind my customers that the item is shipping from Canada and sometimes it may take a couple of extra days to get to you. Normal shipping takes a couple of weeks but doesn't usually take longer than that. Every PayPal order comes with a tracking number which I will email to you as well so you can watch it make its journey to your door. Insurance is always included as is the tracking. The only time it won't apply is if I mail it directly. I still stand by my product and will help if something amiss happens during the process and it does happy from time to time. We all know that the post office isn't infallible or the person using it. I make mistakes but try to catch them quick.y. I try not to hurry this process. For example I mailed a box of family photos to my sister, printed the label and received the same box back. I transposed her mailing address with my own. I felt like a fool for doing it but I sent her an email apologizing for what I had done and printed out a new label with the correct info. You gotta take your time with this part or mistakes will happen and you don't want to lose a handmade scarf, shawl or handbag in that kind of process.
I use Canada post for most everything and I mail my orders out 3 times a week. I use PayPal shipping for the more expensive things and just Canada Post for the rest. I love PayPal and I use it exclusively. It's free for you as well and you are never charged when using it. The fees I pay are small and enable me a lot of shopping freedom.
Refunds and Exchanges
All items come with a 2 weeks turnaround. So within 2 weeks after you receive it you decide you don't like your purchase, simply send me a convo telling me why, then mail it back to me. I will give you a refund as soon as the item is returned is the same condition is was received in when I mailed it. I don't refund the postage for you to send it to me. You can pick out something else or just get your money back. Your choice and it's refunding back through PayPal.
Additional policies and FAQs
In special circumstances I will custom make an item for youl This mostly happens for bridal elements given enough time to make the items. Half the cost up front and the remaining paid on completion. Once the final payment is paid i will ship it out for you. Just remember to give me ample time. It's just me and I rarely accept custom orders otherwise. The deposit if non refundable as I usually have to guy the yarn needed