Saturnworks' Shop Announcement

Saturnwords started with a Big Muff. A few years back I scrimped to buy a vintage Electro-harmonix Big Muff distortion pedal. I was thrilled with its rock-ness, but quickly discovered that the pedal amplified the signal, even when it was turned off. I called around to a few electronic specialists, only to learn that modifying the pedal to true bypass would cost more than I paid for it. Discouraged but still hopeful, I found a simple solution in the true bypass loop pedal. I made one for myself and it was just the trick. It allowed me to bypass the pedal when turned off, avoiding the unwanted signal boost. Since then I've been sharing the looper love through Saturnworks pedals, specializing in loopers, switches, and boutique reincarnations of out of production versions of my favorite distortion pedal, the Big Muff.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.